The Paschal Mystery: A Review

By Lauren Berger ’18

For incoming Juniors, two semesters of religion is a forgone conclusion. A requirement to graduate, four years of religion is sometimes looked upon as a nuisance, an “easy A”, or both. This lack of enthusiasm, however unfair, is understandable. After two years of technical doctrine and complex histories, it’s easy to forget that Catholicism ascends letter of the law rigidity.

The Paschal Mystery opens a window on a previously stuffy theology, widening its applicability through an invigorating breeze of possibility. The class focuses on spiritual mysticism through fun and nontraditional activities such as water coloring and meditation. It offers students a respite from the academic intensity of Junior year, kindling greater contemplation and consciousness. Granting time to reflect on the relationship with oneself, others, the world, and God (or a spiritual equivalent), Paschal Mystery is a class centered on personal growth. Juniors have one more thing to look forward to.

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