The Bamboo is Immaculate Heart High School’s student run newspaper, which endeavors to update and inform its readers about school events, local events, and world news. We, the editors, convene every Tuesday to brainstorm our next idea and plan articles for our readers to read and to enjoy. All students are welcome to be a part of our newspaper and every voice is valued immensely. 

The Bamboo Editorial Board 2018-19

Co-Editors-in-Chief:  Jenny Ruiz-Ramos & Marbella Trujillo

News Editors:  Chechi Amah and O’Meara Riley

Opinion and Features Editor: Lola Jamin (Club Chair)

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Olivia Fries-Farr

Science Editor: Lauren Blake

Advice Column: “Musings by Maanasi” — Maanasi Narayan

Production Editor: Violet Marko

Art Director:  Marbella Trujillo

Photographer: Dylan Gallagher

Graphic Artist: Rebecca Chen, Marbella Trujillo

Writers: Lauren Freedman, Jianna Herrera, Keana Rose Hilario, Vivian Nguyen, Daniela Salazar, Mia Tetrault




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