The Bamboo is Immaculate Heart High School’s student-run newspaper, which aims to update and inform its readers about school news, local events, and world issues. The editors and staff meet every Friday at lunch in L3 to brainstorm story ideas and plan articles for IH students to read and to enjoy. All students are welcome to be a part of our newspaper and every voice is valued immensely. 

The Bamboo Editorial Board 2019-20

Co-Editors-in-Chief:  Diana Castro & Ella Kim

News Editors:  Canela Castro & Sophia Glanney

Feature Editors: Adeline Bunje & Ava Tourgeman

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Khai Ly Hayslip & Cecilia Gilcreast

Sports Editor: Ava Maxwell

Photographer: Clemencia Dane

Writers: Sarah Conde, Morea Denila, Toi Glover, Ava Gold, Lucy Kite, Veronica Mason, Cleo Martel, Viviana Moran, Mazzy Miziker, Tosca Sigismondi-Rothman and Eliza Walsh.

Moderator: Callie Webb

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