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Review: The Genesian’s Romeo and Juliet

By Nicolette Nuzzi ’17

The Genesian’s lively, hip-hop-infused interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet entertained the Immaculate Heart community from March 23-26th. The actors and stage crew took on the daunting task of revamping the iconic, age-old story and did so incredibly well. It was apparent that the actors understood what they were saying, despite the antiquated diction and complex double-entendres. They were able to keep the audience interested with appropriate gestures and vocal inflections.

The stage-crew did a fantastic job transforming the auditorium into the streets of Verona. The stained glass windows in Friar Lawrence’s chapel and the stars that lit the balcony scenes were particularly beautiful and creative features of the set. The production included many scene changes back and forth between Juliet’s room, Friar Lawrence’s chapel, the streets of Verona, etc., but the stage crew was swift and efficient at changing out the set pieces and keeping the show running smoothly. The stage, which spanned three-quarters of the auditorium, stationed the audience within arm’s-reach of the action and made the audience feel more involved in the production.

The play lasted for about three-hours, but the impressive fight scenes and hip-hop music kept the performance from dragging or boring the audience. The sword-fighting was particularly entertaining and well-done, as was the hip-hop dancing. The Shakespearean-dialogue was easy to understand, save a few instances when the actors spoke too quickly and softly, and the costumes added a fun and modern aspect to the characters.

The Genesian’s yet again put on a successful show. Their dedication to the arts and the Immaculate Heart community was evident in their intricate set pieces, and impressive performances on stage. The Genesians did not fail to amaze any audience despite their certain exhaustion from late-night rehearsals taken on in addition to regular academic challenges.

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