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What Are Auditions Really Like?

By Lola Jamin ’20

The audition process can feel slightly intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Surrounded by so many talented individuals, it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed and rather insignificant compared to the experienced upperclassmen.

At least that’s how I felt the first time I auditioned for The Addams Family musical during my freshman year. I was completely overwhelmed and insecure, and I expected to walk into a competitive environment where it would be hard to make friends. My preconceived notions quickly faded away as I was met with such support all throughout the audition process, and I was kindly welcomed into a safe and caring environment. I was left astounded by the amount of support my peers gave me, and I felt so grateful for the warm welcome the Genesians had given me.

Now, having been in three shows so far, I appreciate and enjoy the audition process more each time!

Auditions for the Spring musical Sister Act recently ended. Because Sister Act is a musical, the audition process is slightly more extensive than the audition process for the Fall play. On the first day of auditions, auditionees were required to learn and perform 16 bars of a song from the musical, a dance sequence. This process is broken down and everyone is given time to practice and ask for help if needed. Stephen Van Dorn, our music director, assisted students in running their song with musical accompaniment before performing it in front of drama instructor Heather Chesley and stage manager Maia Tivony ’18. Dancing auditions proceeded, and groups of 10-15 people were taken to learn a short dance, practice, and then, again, perform. After the song and dance, auditionees were released for the day. It was as easy as that!

Shortly after auditions, Ms.Chesley will send out an email for call-backs. It is easy to think of call-backs as an “all or nothing” moment, but really it is just the directors gathering more information. Whoever does get called back is paired with a partner, assigned a character, and asked to practice a scene (or multiple) before performing.  

Grace Egbe, a junior who has participated in every production so far, says that auditioning is  “very fun and I enjoy meeting new people. It’s a great way to build confidence.” It’s also an opportunity to “go out of your comfort zone” adds Canela Roey, a sophomore trying out for her third production.

For Khafira Freeman, a sophomore attending her first call-back audition, “auditions are always fun and it’s great to see how [Ms. Chesley] puts you in different characters to see how fluid you are and can be. It’s also interesting seeing how people interpret things differently; two people could get the same lines in the same scene but choose to say it completely differently!”

Sister Act will be Taleen Angoorly’s last production; as a senior, she has plenty of experience and valuable insight on the audition process. “It’s so interesting when you get a character and just click with that character,” she explains. “You could read for two or three characters before you get one that’s a perfect fit. That’s what I like about auditioning– seeing things come together.” Angoorly also urges students to come and see Sister Act! After all, it is her last show!

I strongly encourage anyone to try out for the Genesians’ productions if you have just the slightest interest in it; the productions are a great way to not only boost your involvement in Immaculate Heart’s student life, but to make friends with people in different grades that you would not normally interact with!


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