IHHS Welcomes New Assistant Principal

By Maya Lewis ‘18

Kristin McNeal has joined Immaculate Heart High School as its new assistant principal for curriculum and instruction. Although many students have exchanged emails with Ms. McNeal over the summer about scheduling and classes for this year, The Bamboo wanted to gain a better understanding about the school community’s newest member. Here’s more about her:

Ms. McNeal said she knew she wanted a career in education ever since she was a middle school student. “I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the 6th grade,” she said. “I got in trouble with my social studies teacher for not turning in an assignment because I was at the science fair.  My dad told me the only way I could change that type of situation was to become a teacher myself!”

“I love teaching, but I have wanted to move into administration for a long time, so I got my master’s degree and here I am!” she said. Fast forward a few years and that goal of working in administration crossed paths with Immaculate Heart. “I have known about the school for a long time because I spent 14 years at Cathedral High School.,” Ms. McNeal explained. “I saw the job posting on the Archdiocese website and put in my name!”

Introducing Ms. McNeal to the Panda family has been an absolute pleasure for the students and the faculty. Her arrival coincides with new and exciting changes throughout the school, including a new freshmen class and a new form of student government. “My transition has been great,” she said.”It was good to learn onCampus this summer and work on the schedules because it helped me learn names so it is easier to remember people when I meet them in person. The emails from students were the best because the greetings were so welcoming and kind.”

Just as students set goals for the new school year, such as working harder than the year before, Ms. McNeal said she has set goals for herself. “This year I am just trying to learn what is important here at the school, including what the essential needs are and how I can help make things run smoothly for the students and teachers,” she pointed out. “Once I learn what people need, then I can make a difference and really help out!”

Ms. McNeal also shared this helpful guidance to students to help motivate them for the school year: “Two pieces of advice. One – manage your time. There is never enough, but if you budget your time, you can find space for school, family, friends, and yourself!  It will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and behind all the time.  Two – You are the only person who can control you. You are responsible to yourself and for yourself, so make your actions count and your goals a reality.”

The Bamboo welcomes Ms. McNeal to Immaculate Heart. The students are very excited to have her on campus and hope she gets to accomplish her first-year goals!



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