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Disney Goes Big with Charm & Wonder in Big Hero 6

By Elizabeth Cosio ’16

Big Hero 6, based on the Marvel Comics series, is a heart-warming movie that will most certainly draw audiences to theaters throughout the holiday season. I highly recommend the film. It emphasizes the importance of family, just as Disney did in last year’s animated film Frozen. I found it brought me and both of my sisters closer together after watching it. I recommend seeing it when you want to bond or connect with someone. I also loved the film’s graphics, and I thought that the movie overall was very creative by showing numerous inventions with a wide variety of purposes. The movie is simple, easy-to understand, funny, and entertaining. It will touch your heart. In fact, it was so good, I watched it twice.
The movie is about a 13-year-old boy named Hiro, who is a genius that graduated from school early, but lost his parents at age 3. After losing his brother in a fire, Hiro becomes lonely and accidently programs his brother’s experimental robot, Baymax. Baymax is like a personal nurse who responds to Hiro’s needs in order to make him happy. Hiro soon discovers that the fire that killed his brother was set on purpose, leaving Hiro and his friends on a mission to apprehend the man who is responsible for the fire. After a whirlwind of events, Hiro learns to let go of his depression over his brother and to live happily in the present with his friends and family members (Baymax and Aunt Cass).





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