Traditional Ring Ceremony Goes Virtual

By Diana Castro ’22

Every year, the juniors receive their class rings during the treasured tradition that is the Immaculate Heart Ring Ceremony, which usually takes place in the school auditorium. This year, the ceremony took place virtually, followed by a COVID-safe distribution of the rings at school. Despite the unusual circumstances, the Junior Board was still able to make the experience a special one. When students arrived on campus there were stations where they could pick up gifts, roses, their class ring, and get pictures taken by junior Lyra Holahan.

The Bamboo interviewed several juniors for their experience of picking up their ring, as well on what the class ring means to them. Reflecting on the Ring Ceremony, junior Madison Felix said her favorite moment of the Mass was when junior Vivian Kim sang at the end. “The experience of getting my ring was overall very nice as I was able to see some familiar faces, and I received a bag filled with adorable mementos,” she said.

Felix described her class ring as “really important to me because Immaculate Heart is where I really started to grow as an individual as well as where I met my very best friends. I’m very grateful that I’ll always have this ring as a constant reminder of my high school experience and where I met my favorite people!”

Junior Renée Murga agreed. Like Felix, she said she loved hearing Vivian Kim said during the Mass. “It was beautiful, and it is always a pleasure to hear her voice.,” she said.

Murga, however, was unable to come to campus. “I had tested positive for COVID and so I asked my sister to retrieve my ring as a favor. My sister, being an IH alum, felt heart-warmed to see the school attempting such effort for us for our ring ceremony,” she said. However, Murga also said she had heard that some juniors did not care for the campus drive-thru part of the ceremony. “They said it felt rushed,” she said. “and they did not feel the love and experience while retrieving their junior ring.” 

However, junior Olivia Gutierrez enjoyed coming back to campus. “My favorite moment of the ceremony was being able to drive past the table where all the rings were located and seeing a few classmates,” she said, adding, “It gave me motivation!” J

Junior Jasmine Aranda also noted, “My favorite moment of the ceremony was the Mass as it was very nice to see everyone’s names listed. Having the priest livestream directly from the chapel reminded me of how beautiful the campus is and made me miss it even more.”

Aranda also added, “Getting my ring at school was fun because I got to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. Although the whole thing took less than a couple of minutes, it was still nice to be back on campus,” she said.

Asked about the significance of her ring, Gutierrez said, “This ring means a lot to me! It reminds me of everything I’ve been through at Immaculate Heart: the bad and good things. Every time I look at it, I think about how hard I’ve worked to get to where I am right now.”

Similarly, Aranda said, “This ring mostly reminds me of the bond that I share with my fellow classmates and my ties to the school. Whenever I look at my ring, I think of all the amazing people I’ve met at IH, and the memorable experiences I’ve had throughout these past three years.” 

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