Fun Places for Safe Spring Break Travel

By Victoria Ramos ’21    

     Spring Break is rapidly approaching – that two-week period when students can relax and unwind following the completion of their third quarter of classes. But what options exist for students this year during an ongoing pandemic?

     Typically, Spring Break would be a time to get out of the house and go to parties or amusement parks, and for many, a time to travel. However, as a result of the pandemic, this year may look a little different. This is not to say that Spring Break is officially canceled like last year.

     Some places here in California are opening up with strict Covid-19 restrictions that have been put in place to prevent a further spread of the virus. Before you travel take into account some of these Covid-19 rules and safety precautions provided by the website

  • Don’t travel to attend a party, festival, or large event.
  • Don’t travel to a crowded destination where it’s difficult to maintain social distancing.
  • Don’t eat at restaurants with indoor seating.
  • Don’t take a bus, the train, or fly if at all possible. 

     Meanwhile, if you’re someone looking to get out of the house safely, consider these possibilities:

Aquarium of the Pacific, Image from:

     For starters, some places to travel locally are the Los Angeles Zoo and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Both places have opened recently and only accept visitors with reservations through their websites! Zoo reservations start at a low cost of $22 per adult and $17 per child, while reservations for the Aquarium of the Pacific are $47 per adult and $36 per child. Although you won’t be able to travel as far as you may have hoped, visiting animals of the land and sea with your family or friends safely during this Spring Break is a great alternative to spending your time locked up in your house.

Huntington Botanical Gardens, image from:

     If an aesthetic garden scenery is more your vibe, The Huntington Botanical Gardens is a good contender. The Huntington is known for its extensive gardens, and with Spring’s arrival, the flowers are blooming at their peak beauty. Tickets for The Huntington Botanical Gardens range from $13 to $29.

     If you don’t feel like paying money to go and see an attraction and want to keep it real low key, then a picnic in your local park with friends is always a fun and safe activity. Just remember your masks and stay socially distanced! You can share your favorite snacks, take pictures, and make some fun memories.

     In fact, you really don’t have to go that far to have fun, but if you do want to go far and get out of the house, here are some places to travel safely within California:

     Lake Tahoe, known for its natural lake and hiking trails, is open this Spring Break. Restaurants, hotels and shops are open at the moment, but they will only accept a low capacity of visitors, so make sure to plan ahead and accordingly.

     Cabins and hotels in national parks like Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon also reopen April 2. Although a majority of trails are open for hikers, be sure to plan ahead and visit each park’s website for further information about which specific trails are open. This is a chance to get some fresh air with the added bonus of seeing the natural beauty of these parks.

Carmel Beach, image from:

     If you are interested in a place near the sea, consider Carmel by the Sea. This picturesque, storybook town is open for visitors. Lodging is reported to be very clean and safe, and restaurants have outdoor seating, takeout and delivery. Art galleries are open for walk-in customers at 50 percent capacity, and Carmel Beach is open to the public, although no groups larger than 10 are permitted.

     It looks like Spring Break this year has the potential to be better than last year, if you plan ahead and take the proper safety precautions. Although the safest choice is to stay home, if you do go to any of the places recommended in this article, please be safe and abide by the California Covid-19 rules and regulations. And, remember, always, always, always wear your face mask. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re also protecting others!

Feature image from Secret La.

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