“Voices of IH” – Staying Healthy & Happy

What are you doing to stay happy and mentally healthy during the quarantine and pandemic?

Heidi Bates ’22

“I have been playing Minecraft with my friends as well as talking to my friends via text or Facetime to stay happy and mentally healthy during the quarantine. I also have been baking new recipe goods for my family to try.” – Heidi Bates ’22

Madeline Bogdjalian ’21

“During the quarantine, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family, in nature, and Zooming with my friends. I feel that human connection is so important during this time and getting to see my friends (even if it’s on camera) makes this difficult time a whole lot easier. In addition to this, going for hikes and walks has been very calming and reflective, and overall helped me stay happy and healthy during this tough time.” – Madeline Bogdjalian ’21

Sarah Conde ’23

“During quarantine, I’ve been trying to go outside more to walk around my neighborhood for fresh air, which always calms me down. At home, I’ve been painting, cleaning and reorganizing my room, trying to exercise more, playing video games, picking up new things to do like skateboarding, and more. Instead of worrying about certain things I might not be able to control, I always try to take some time away from my devices and it helps me stay happy in times like these.” – Sarah Conde ’23

Mathilda Culina ’22

“In order to stay happy and healthy, I have been playing a lot of music. I play a couple of instruments but because of quarantine I haven’t been able to play them with others, but I am still playing with my dad. I have also been reading and listening to audiobooks a lot recently. It helps me get out of my head and into another world.” – Mathilda Culina ’22

Samara Holloway ’22

“Throughout quarantine and this pandemic, working out has been really mentally stabilizing. With school in the spring and now again in the fall, being able to have something to look forward to and a break in the afternoon, helps me to get through the day.” – Samara Holloway ’22

Logan King ’21

“This quarantine has been extremely difficult to stay any sort of sane. Then one day, I decided to read a book that had been recommended to me by TikTok and by my friends. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, is an amazing life-changing book about the Law of Attraction and philosophical ideas about life and how we should live it. This book really changed my outlook on life, and when I finished it, I vowed to myself to get out of this cycle of burdens and actually commit to getting better mentally and physically. I have been able to see the good in life again, and as I continue to dive deeper into the spiritual aspects of the world, I have felt more at peace and sane.” – Logan King ’21

Kellyn Lanza ’23

“During the past few months, I have made sure to go outside at least once a day and get away from the screen. Also, after school, I put my computer and phone away and do something else before starting homework as a way to refresh myself. Lastly, on the weekends I sleep in and get as much sleep as I can.” – Kellyn Lanza ’23

Ava Maxwell ’23

“I am trying to watch new movies, listen to fun music, spend time with my family, and spending a lot of time with my dogs. I have also taken up new hobbies like learning the guitar and playing the piano. Overall, I have just really been trying to focus on the little things and make my daily activities exciting and new.”
– Ava Maxwell ’23

Jessica Nuno ’22

“I have started to work out with my mom and eat healthier. Though this is a general health thing, this is bettering my mental health because I feel better about myself and my newly strengthened self-confidence and self-love. Spending more time with my brother has also helped me because getting closer gave me a friend in my house.” – Jessica Nuno ’22

Sofia Leon ’23

“To stay mentally healthy, I’ve been painting more often, exercising, and starting new hobbies, such as baking. To stay happy, I have been spending more time with my family. We have family game night every weekend, I binge-watch old movies with my cousins, and Facetime my friends every Sunday.” – Sofia Leon ’23

Ainsley Ramin ’21

“I’ve really enjoyed going on hikes with my family and going to the beach for the day.” – Ainsley Ramin ’21

Isabella Roney ’21

“I have been Facetiming with friends, hanging out with my dogs, listening to music, and reading books.” – Isabella Roney ’21

Olivia Shay ’21

“I’m trying to be mentally healthy by constantly playing guitar, learning piano, and taking long drives alone. Staying mentally healthy and happy are really important especially when you’re spending countless days by yourself. This is a good time to work on self-care, self-love, and mental and physical growth.” –  Olivia Shay ’21

Mia Tetrault ’21

“The things that I am doing to stay happy and mentally healthy during the pandemic are going for walks with my family, staying in touch with my friends, and listening to my favorite songs.” – Mia Tetrault ’21

Priscilla Ward ’23

“I try to spend as much time as possible with my friends, whether that means over Facetime or seeing a few in person. This is very helpful to me mentally, but it is hard to rely so much on technology. I am also running every day and doing Zoom workouts to try and stay healthy.” – Priscilla Ward ’23

“Voices of IH” Reporters: Kya Adams, Ashlye Arrue, Adeline Bunje, Canela Castro, Madison Felix, Meiyah Go, Quinn Lanza, Veronica Mason, Meredith Maxwell, Sophia Movsisian, Isabelle Newson, Jonna Riley, Ava Tourgeman, Mari Vitangcol

Picture from Michigan Health Blog

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