“Voices of IH” – Reactions to Kamala Harris Nomination

What is your reaction to having Senator Kamala Harris as the first woman of color nominated by a major political party as a vice presidential candidate?

Amelie Harris ’21

“Seeing Senator Kamala Harris as the first woman of color nominated for vice president by a major political party is a very big thing for me. Being Black, I am excited to see a Black woman get recognized, even though I may not agree with her past actions as a prosecutor, including when as California attorney general she was against the statewide regulation of police use of body cameras [instead favoring regulation by local agencies] when the police have systematically targeted Black and Brown people. I think [her candidacy] opens up a whole new door for Black women and women of color as a whole in politics.” – Amelie Harris ’21

Maria Andrade ’23

“I think it’s important to recognize women (especially women of color) in a high government position. It is a step in the right direction to see women in positions that are normally held by men.” – Maria Andrade ’23

Ashley Christiansen ’21

“Having Senator Kamala Harris nominated as a vice presidential candidate is instrumental. For many years the country has seen only white older men in the position of presidency and vice presidency. This cycle was unhealthy for a country filled with different minorities. When President Obama came into office, he understood the struggles of being a Black person in America and took that into consideration. Now that Kamala Harris, someone who is not only Black but a woman, has been nominated for vice president, I know she will listen and be able to speak for an even larger demographic of people.” – Ashley Christiansen ’21 

Margaret Dela Pena ’23

“If Joe Biden wins, I will be so happy and proud that Kamala Harris is by his side. We need diversity in the White House and being the first woman of color as the vice president would be iconic. The fact that Kamala Harris is the first South Asian-American senator and now, hopefully, vice president makes me proud that there is more representation in politics. She is a great public speaker, experienced in politics, and not afraid to speak her mind. I am proud and hopeful to have a strong female representative in office.” – Margaret Dela Pena ’23

Missy Douglas ’21

“As an immigrant, with a non-bias outlook on America and ‘patriotism,’ I saw it as a huge step forward in the right direction for America. America, as successful as it is in certain aspects, is filled with hate and discrimination. For a woman, especially a woman of color, to be nominated for such an important job for the future of this country is amazing. She will receive the recognition she deserves. Her bravery, brains and determination fought against all odds to get her to this position, especially in today’s social climate. I believe she is a good woman with good morals and will do ALL Americans justice. Also, I see it as a beacon of hope, considering all the leading countries beating coronavirus around the world right now are all led by females.” – Missy Douglas ’21

Lily Factora ’21

“I was very happy that Kamala Harris was nominated to be the vice president candidate. I had been hoping it was going to be her since she dropped out of the race for president. I’ve noticed many people being cynical because of her history with police, but I find it a bigger priority to elect her and Joe Biden before calling out every past questionable decision. Overall, it’s about time we have a woman of color as VP.” – Lily Factora ’21

Sophia Glanney ’23

“I think that simply the fact that a woman of color has been nominated as vice president is a huge step in the right direction. I think this nomination has inspired and will continue to inspire women all around the world.” – Sophia Glanney ’23

Meiyah Go ’22

“I’m very happy about having Kamala Harris as our first woman of color nominated by a major political party as a candidate for vice president. I feel like America is moving forward with equality and rights.” – Meiyah Go ’22

Vivian Kim ’22

“I was really excited that Kamala Harris was going to be Joe Biden’s running mate because I do believe that we still need more diversity in our government and leadership of more diverse ethnicities in the world. I was very happy that I heard that our world is slowly but surely improving on becoming more diverse.” – Vivian Kim ’22

Mei Li ’21

“I am very inspired to have Senator Kamala Harris as the first woman of color nominated by a major political party as vice president. Last election we almost had our first woman president and now this election we have a woman of color on the ballot as well. I think America has to grow so much more and having women in positions of power is just the beginning. She will be a voice for the minorities (women and people of color), as they have been forgotten by our current president. I am looking forward to what she is going to do.” Mei Li ’21

Noemi Nagy ’21

“When I heard Senator Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, I was thrilled to hear that a major political party had nominated a woman of color. As she is an empowered Black woman and the first person of Southeast-Asian descent to be nominated, I believe it is a big step to prosperity in America. America is a diverse country of different races, cultures, and backgrounds; we need a diverse government to be leaders of our country and be a reliable representation for us American citizens.” – Noemi Nagy ’21 

Simone Pisarik ’23

“I am thrilled to know that Kamala Harris has been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate. I strongly agree with her ideas and political views, and I believe she would make a great vice president.” – Simone Pisarik ’23

Cleo Riley ’21

“I am very excited that Kamala Harris is the Democratic candidate for vice president this year. It is inspiring to see not only the first female, but also a multi-racial vice president be on the ballot.” – Cleo Riley ’21

Sienna Young ’22

“My first reaction was astonishment and pride in the Democratic party for bringing representation of not only women, but women of color. As a woman, it is empowering to be represented in such a major political position because this also means she can take more steps to advocate for our rights.” – Sienna Young ’22

“Voices of IH” Reporters: Kya Adams, Ashlye Arrue, Adeline Bunje, Canela Castro, Madison Felix, Meiyah Go, Quinn Lanza, Veronica Mason, Meredith Maxwell, Sophia Movsisian, Isabelle Newson, Jonna Riley, Ava Tourgeman, Mari Vitangcol

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