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Movie Review: Toy Story 4

By Sarah Conde ’23

During Thanksgiving break, I finally decided to watch Toy Story 4 months after its initial release. This movie is about a road trip with Bonnie, a young girl, and the Toy Story clique with a new toy, Forky. During their trip, Woody reunites with Bo Peep, beloved by the audience in her original debut, and after several years separated, they help each other discover what they want in their lives.

At first, I thought that watching this movie would ruin the Toy Story movies we all grew up with. What if the sequel ruined this childhood-defining legacy? I had mixed emotions while watching it because I felt that a fourth movie just wasn’t necessary. But, I must admit, it’s strategic. Disney knows that its consumers are most likely going to watch something that they cherished from their childhood, so they remake movies, like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen.

Although Toy Story 4 was not actually as bad as I had thought, I wish I had not watched it because of how different it felt than the other movies. The movie ended with a bittersweet scene where Woody joins Bo Peep as a “lost toy,” leaving the rest of the toys behind. It left me regretful and sad to see that a movie, especially one made by Disney, would leave the audience with the main characters of this iconic movie broken up.


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