Voices of IH: Thanksgiving Favorites

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food and why?



Xea Hazel Javier ’21

“I don’t really know because I just eat Asian food during Thanksgiving along with the turkey.”




Sabrina Kim


Sabrina Kim ’20

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes with a lot of butter because it’s unhealthy. I also like shepherd’s pie, but it’s more of an after-Thanksgiving thing because you use the leftovers to make it. Honestly, I like all kinds of foods, but because I have a Korean kind of Thanksgiving, I eat everything with kimchi. I love kimchi.”




Josephina Ko ’21

“Mashed potatoes and gravy because I like the texture and flavor combination.”




Lauren Ng

Lauren Ng ’20

My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie because it is very good. My Dad introduced it to me when I was younger.”


Emmanuelle Nueve Class of 22


Emmanuelle Nueve ’22

“I like honey-roasted ham with pineapples on top because my family only buys them on important occasions. It’s so good, too! I only get to eat it twice a year.”



Mei Li O'Neil


Mei Li O’Neil ’21 

“Mashed potatoes because mashed potatoes are the best. I like all types: You have mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, hash browns, French fries, baked potatoes.”



Gialana Orocio



Gialana Orocio

“Corn because it’s easy to eat.”





Sofia Rodriguez ’20

My favorite Thanksgiving food is my Dad’s ham. I do not like turkey, so I like the ham because it’s a variation.”



Canela Roey



Canela Roey ’20

“Mashed potatoes and gravy because it tastes so good with butter and rosemary.”



Daisy Salinas



Daisy Salinas ’20

“My grandmother’s pan con pavo because it represents my culture, and it is homemade.”



Sofia Yanez


Sofia Yanez ’20

“Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie is the best because it isn’t like most pies where they are spicy or bitter. Trader Joe’s pies are sweet, and they are really good.”



Olivia Hatcher '20



Olivia Hatcher ’20

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing!!!”



Senior Bianca Johnson '20


Bianca Johnson’20

“My cousins all have birthdays super close to Thanksgiving. So every year after we eat thanksgiving dinner, we have a bunch of cake set out in front of them and we sing happy birthday!”



Voices of IH Contributors: Kya Adams, Siler Alvarez, Ella Kim, Jennie Kim, Josephina Shin, Canela Roey, Toni Williams, and Charlotte Goldberg

Graphic copyright by Wired

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