Voices of IH: 2019 WALK

Each year Immaculate Heart students participate in the WALK fundraiser for school improvements that directly benefit the student body. This year, students raised more than $240,000 for the Walk 2019 fundraiser. Although administrators have yet to reveal how these funds will be used, The Bamboo recently asked students how they think the WALK funds should benefit students and improve the campus. Here’s a few of their responses:

What WALK prizes would you like to see and why?




Xea Hazel Javier ’21

“I want new desks in more classrooms because the older ones are too uncomfortable.”






Josephina Ko ’21

“I want more tables because there are not enough tables for everyone.”



Lauren Ng

Lauren Ng ’20

“For the Walk prizes, I would like bigger desks, better ingredients for school lunches, and healthier options because I think that the students of IH deserve better.”



Sofia Rodriguez ’20

“For the Walk prizes, I would like to see more functioning microwaves. I liked when they used to have three microwaves in the Science building, and now we only have two. I would really like to see renovations for the pool and locker room. Our pool is the smallest out of every school we compete against, and the pool heater is not helpful during the winter. It is barely long enough to meet guidelines and it is only four lanes big. Our pool could definitely use renovations, especially since the Junior Varsity, and Varsity have won division championships for years now.”

Renata Spinelli


Renata Spinelli ‘21

“Ping pong tables because that would be awesome. And a nap room.”




Christianne Tubola


Christianne Tubola ’21

“More books shelves because before we used to have a really big library, and I would like to see more books. And more tables for the library.”




Contributing to this Voices of IH column were Ruby Gutierrez, Josephina Shin, and Toni Williams


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