Voices of IH: Favorite Halloween Memory

Q: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Emma Russell Class of 22


Emma Russell ’22

“My favorite Halloween memory is from the year before when my friend from elementary school and I went trick or treating. We were 13 years old with six-year-old children around us. Later, we went to my friend Olivia’s house and ate candy.”



Lyra Holahan-22

Lyra Holahan ’22

“My favorite Halloween memory was in first grade. I was an amazing witch, but then I thought, no, witches are villains, and I don’t want to be scary. So, my mom sewed glitter on my hat and cape, and I was a glittery witch.  Then I went to this crazy Halloween party and you could close your eyes and put your hand in these buckets and guess what weird thing it was.”


Caroline Abbott 21


Caroline Abbott ’21

“My favorite Halloween memory was when I was in second grade. My best friend Amanda and I went trick or treating in our neighborhood alone. We were so excited because a couple houses had given us cans of soda instead of candy.”



Perla Rand 21

Perla Rand ’21

“My favorite Halloween was during my freshman year. Violet Hill took me to her friend’s house, and I hung out with his dog. Then she forced me to go into a haunted house which was fun until I saw Pennywise (the clown from “It”). Our friend got a nosebleed, and in the end, we threw candy at each other. Solid Halloween.”


Lauren Ng

Lauren Ng ’20

My favorite Halloween memory is when I went to my friend’s house without telling my mom and she looked for me for like 30 minutes because I didn’t have a phone and she couldn’t find me. Also making cookies with my family.”



Sofia Rodriguez ’20

“My favorite Halloween memory is my first Halloween with my friend’s family in seventh grade. That was the first Halloween when I started going to their house every year on October 31st, so it is very special to me.”



Faces of IH contributors; Violet Hill ’21, Eliza Walsh ’22, and Toni Williams ’20


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