Students Rally Against Climate Crisis

By Quinn Lanza ’21

Last month, as millions around the world protested the climate change crisis, a group of
Immaculate Heart students joined their peers in Los Angeles to urge a cut in fossil fuel
usage and carbon dioxide emissions.

As dozens of young activists in New Delhi, India, chanted, “I want to breath clean,”
local students chanted, “Keep it in the ground!” in reference to fuels and precious
elements extracted for profit. As waves of people gathered outside of the Greek
Parliament in Athens, Immaculate Heart students stood downtown with painted signs
held high protesting government inaction.

IH students, along with many other students from different schools, made their way to
Pershing Square by public transportation on the day of the Youth Climate Strike.
Students carried with them their handmade posters, some of which said, “The Dinosaurs
thought they had time too,” “There is no Planet B” and “The climate is changing. Why
aren’t we?”

Asked to describe the strike’s atmosphere, junior Meredith Maxwell called it
“overwhelmingly powerful.”

In Pershing Square, where the march began, people chanted and voices spoke out over
loudspeakers. These voices included numerous students of varying ages as well as actress and activist Jane Fonda, who expressed her contempt for those politicians failing to address climate change and its impact.

IH students at the event agreed that young people need to stand up and create awareness to enact change.

“We need to start making a difference in our community and speak to our local
government officials and also do our part,” junior Mia Tetrault, co-chair of Immaculate
Heart’s Earth Club, said.

“There is already ice melting in the Antarctic; sooner or later polar bears may go
extinct,” Tetrault continued. “A lot of our climate is changing quickly because of this
unresolved issue and governments not acting fast enough or recognizing it.”

For millions of students around the world, the Youth Climate Strike is part of a
movement that represents hope against a future that may be ravaged by the effects of
climate change. In the words of Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist
guiding this movement, “We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like
it or not.”

Immaculate Heart students stand with Thunberg in defending the planet and ensuring a
livable world for future generations, Tetrault noted.


Photos by Mia Tetrault ’21

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