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Meet IH Artist Eva Cortes

By Victoria Ramos ’21

Immaculate Heart High School has a legacy of gifted artists, which is why The Bamboo has launched this new column called “Young Artists of Immaculate Heart.” The first accomplished artist to be featured is sophomore Eva Cortes, an inspiring young artist who passionately captures her emotions on paper.

Bamboo: “What inspired you to draw in the first place?”
Cortes: “When I was young I was very shy. Some would argue that I still am, but I feel I have been able to break out of my shell little by little. I have always been pretty artistic and creative, and because I never really talked to people, art was a way for me to express myself without words, even if it was doodles I was making in 5th grade.

“I have always felt like most of the art I create somehow expresses what I am feeling, and art has always been a great way for me to vent and let out my frustrations when words can’t. I have been drawing ever since I remember, but I became more interested and focused on my art starting in 4th grade.”

Bamboo: “Would you like to pursue art in the future?”
Cortes: “The simple answer is no. As of right now, I want to become an immigrant lawyer, and not focus on my art as a main career of mine. This can totally change though, because I tend to change my mind often about what I want to pursue for a career. Two years ago, I wanted to be a fashion designer and a couple of years before that I wanted to be a vet. So, again, the short answer is no. But, the slightly more complicated answer to the question is that I have no control over how my life may lead me in my career path, so I have to be ready for any new twists and turns. “

Bamboo: “What was your inspiration for your latest painting?”
Cortes: “I started the rough draft of this painting during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the testimony by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. It started off as a basic representation of my feelings and the sympathy I have for all sexual assault victims. After I heard about the confirmation of Kavanaugh, I got even angrier, and the sketch for the painting you see now was born. It’s based off of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” concept.”

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