Making Halloween Memories

By Mia Tetrault ’21

    Whenever the month of October approaches, I look forward to seeing the leaves change colors — and picking out my Halloween costume.

    With the arrival of Halloween, students often wonder what to wear and where to go for this popular holiday. Should you hang out with your friends and go to theme parks celebrating Halloween? Watch scary movies? Trick-or-treat? Do you have your costume planned out? Is it going to be last minute like last year?

    With all of this in mind, Halloween can be quite stressful, but hanging out with your friends does make the holiday enjoyable. Planning for this year’s Halloween proved more challenging because it fell during the middle of the week. Still, many students eagerly explored a local neighborhood for trick-or-treating. But the holiday is not officially over. Even if you missed the Griffith Park Haunted Hayride, there’s still time to get scared at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights, which has extended ticket sales through Sunday, November 4th!

    Growing up in Montreal, Canada, I looked forward to the month of October every year. As the days got a lot colder, people started wearing warmer clothing because you could feel a gentle cool breeze pass beside you. The trees also began changing colors from green to red, orange, yellow and even purple. As it got closer to Halloween, my favorite tradition would be to visit a local haunted house with my friends. Each year the haunted house featured a new theme. Two years ago the Haunted house was filled with scary clowns.

  Halloween is always filled with fun and fear, but in the end, it is so enjoyable to hang out with my friends and eat all the candy I received! Treasure every moment that you spend with your friends because it is a long-lasting connection. You will remember as you grow up the themes you dressed up for every year, and you’ll never forget the memories that will make you laugh as you recall those times when you got scared during Halloween.

Moments from the Immaculate Heart Halloween Carnival:

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Featured graphic by Rebecca Chen ’22

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