The School Year’s Welcoming Start

By Freshmen Daniela Salazar, Alfie Bennett & Diana Castro

   Welcome Day is an annual tradition here at Immaculate Heart. It is something that many look forward to each year. As three new freshmen, we were very excited to experience our very first Welcome Day!

   The day for this event started off with each class meeting in section. It was here that we waited in anticipation for our freshman class to be called to the auditorium. Finally, they called us! We went straight to the auditorium and were astounded with the performances and each presentation from each class.

  Later, the potluck and dancing on the quad began. Everyone brought lots of food to share with their friends. Welcome Day turned out to be an inspiring and fun-filled event!

  We asked other freshmen for their thoughts and feelings about both Welcome Day and the Welcome Dance. Here’s what they shared:

What was your favorite part of Welcome Day?

“Seeing all the classes performing different skits.” – Lucia Mosquera

“My favorite part about Welcome Day was the potluck.” – Mia Banham

“My favorite was the performances.”- Samantha Gabel

What what your favorite performance?

“I think the juniors were really good.” – Lucia Mosquera

“Maybe, yea, the teachers”- Samantha Gabel

“The teachers!” – Ellie Kwon

Did you feel welcomed?

“Yes, very welcomed!” – Sadie Benedetto

How did you feel about the Welcome Dance?

“I actually really enjoyed it because I was reunited with some of my friends from middle school whom I invited to come! What made me most happy is that they had a really good time and ended up loving my school and friends. The music was also great and I truly danced the night away.” – Daniela Salazar

“It was pretty fun. Everyone was drenched in sweat.” – Samantha Gabel

Overall, both events made the freshmen feel welcomed. They were both positive, fun experiences!

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