The Scribbler Wants YOU!

By Crissy Tinio ’18, Scribbler Board Member and Art Editor

Calling all writers, artists, and creative visionaries!

Members of Immaculate Heart’s Poetry Club are assembling an editorial board for the award-winning school literary magazine, The Scribbler, and they would be thrilled to hear if any fellow creatives are interested in working with them to bring this publication to life!

If you’re not much of a poet, don’t worry — we have positions open for Fiction and Poetry Editors, Art Editors, and Layout Editors. The club will meet on a weekly basis and students from all grade levels are welcome.

Pros of being on The Scribbler board:

  1. Great opportunity to polish your writing/art/design skills
  2. Looks really nice on your college apps
  3. You’ll get to hang out with cool people, including myself

Cons of being on the Scribbler board:

  1. ……
  2. ??
  3. There are none

If you have any questions or are interested in a certain position, please contact me via email at or speak to Dr. Elizabeth Binggeli in L6.

Meanwhile, keep scribbling!



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