Art Submissions for Marlborough Art Exhibition

By Maya Lewis ’18, Art Editor

Calling all artists! If you are currently taking one of Immaculate Heart High School’s art classes or you enjoy drawing or painting, the Marlborough High School Art Exhibition is currently accepting work by applicants for its upcoming artistic showcase.

The Marlborough Art Exhibition is an annual opportunity for students from different high schools to present their work at Marlborough High School’s Seaver Gallery. Marlborough established this yearly event as a way to connect with high schools around Los Angeles and recognize the creativity of students who have unique art styles.

This exhibition is based on invitation only, meaning only certain high schools showcase their artwork. If you have pieces you’d like to submit, please see Dr. Michelle Lee in the Art Room office to discuss your entry into the show. If there are multiple pieces you wish to be considered, Dr. Lee would be happy to discuss the decision of which piece to submit with you.

Submissions are accepted until the second week February so we encourage all of our creative Immaculate Heart students to participate!



Photo courtesy of Marlborough

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