10 Ways to De-stress — Time Out to Relax

By Chechi Amah ’21 and Sophia Movsisian ’21

The beginning of the year can always be stressful. From freshmen to seniors, everyone is trying to get adjusted to different schedules, challenging classes, and new responsibilities. Trying to balance school work with extracurriculars can be difficult, and it is easy to forget that we need to sometimes take a break from the things that are stressing us out, and take a deep breath.

And while taking a week off of school to sleep and de-stress isn’t the most practical solution, here are 10 accessible, easy, and doable ways to relieve anxiety and stress this year!


  • Use your time wisely.


Once you manage you time, life seems like a breeze! Use your time efficiently. Know your goals and try your best to achieve them in both short term and long term.


  • Take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes.


Breaks are essential. Research shows that even a 20-minute walk can help you clear your head.  Doing so improves brain functions, such as memory and perception.


  • Reduce the time spent on electronics.


Concentration is the key to success. Concentration is the ability to focus on thing and is closed off to anything else. And, yes, that does mean no Snapchat until AFTER you finish your geometry homework.


  • Get a good night sleep.


Face it: Without sleep we are zombies, irritable and unable to focus. This can be a danger when you have a big test tomorrow. So instead of staying up all night to watch Riverdale  or pulling an all-nighter for a project, know that sleeps helps you repair cells and recharge.


  • Drink a lot of water.


Water helps regulate your body temperature as well as flush away toxins and waste. It helps you improve your digestion and clears your skin. If you are not hydrated, you will not be able to perform basic functions.


  • Do the work ahead of time and not the night before it’s due.


Let’s be honest for a minute. We have all procrastinated at one point or another. Though it is inevitable, it can be controlled. Even doing a little of a project each day or studying in bits  daily will make sure that you are not overwhelmed the night before.


  • Ask for help on the material that confuses you.


Teachers are not ravenous dogs. They do not bite. Their jobs is to help you when you are stuck or struggling with a topic. Don’t be shy to schedule a meeting with your teacher to discuss your problem areas.


  • Do most of the work in class by paying attention and being attentive.


Trust me. That meme page is tempting to look at in the middle of class. But what is more important? Getting an A+ or catching up on the latest Internet trends? Paying attention in class will keep you from getting lost in the lesson.


  • Spend an efficient amount of time on an assignment before moving on.


Assignments require work. Though they vary from a project to an essay, there are two things that are necessary when it come to every assignment: thought and effort. Practicing this skill will help you not just in school but in life.


  • Balance your life


In high school it is hard to decide between a social life, good grades, and getting enough sleep. Adjusting to the new environment and expectations is definitely a challenge. We hope that by putting these steps into practice you can be as Zen-like as a praying mantis!

1 comment on “10 Ways to De-stress — Time Out to Relax

  1. Vivian Nguyen

    Great article Chechi and Sophia!!

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