About The Scribbler Club

By Liz Stafford, The Scribbler Chairperson

The Scribbler is the creative writing club and producer of the literary and art magazine — of the same name — on campus. The club primarily aims to encourage young writers to practice their craft and create a writing community where they can express themselves and receive feedback.

The Scribbler hosts activities like poetry slams/open mics, writing exercises (i.e. “Haiku for Chocolate”), and anything else that students express interest in.

The literary magazine is the product of our club. After a year’s worth of writing, members compile students’ poetry and short stories and publish it in a magazine, which features visual art as well. Students not only publish, but help choose which pieces accompany the writing best to pull the entire magazine together.

There are Thursday meetings every other week and activities almost every month.  The club needs members to organize activities as well as compile, edit, and design the entire magazine! It is imperative that the magazine is entirely student-produced so everything — from the design to the content — is completely derived from the student body. Students can also just come and eat our snacks because that needs to happen somehow, too. Join us!


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