Meet the Commissioners of Media Production

By Olivia Fries-Farr ’19

At Immaculate Heart High School, Commissioners of Media Productions (COMPs) play a very important role in student government. They are responsible for documenting class activities as well as students during everyday life and school events.

To ensure everyone is included in IHHS yearbooks and end-of-year slideshows, the COMPs want your involvement.  These ladies are around campus looking for the best shots of all the students, staff and faculty.  Be on the lookout for them so you can get yourself in the picture or video.  Also, if you have a group activity that you want pictures or video taken for your grade now you know who to contact!

The Bamboo recently interviewed each of the COMP representatives about their responsibilities, goals, special projects and the importance of their position.  Additionally, they were asked why they wanted to be COMPs and what changes have they observed in the COMP position over the years.

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Chloe Honkoski

The seniors have a lot of activities in their last year at Immaculate Heart.  It is extremely important to senior Chloe Honkoski “to include all people.”  She stated, “I take videos and photos of fellow classmates.  My goal is to make enjoyable videos especially for the end-of-the-year video for seniors.”


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Madi Barker

Junior Madi Barker shared how her job as COMP “is to essentially document any school events or sometimes just the class in general through media.”  Barker says her goal is to “get as many pictures as I can!”  She wants to take at least three pictures of each student in the Junior Class.  

Barker also compiles her work into an “end-of-year” video project.  She would like everyone to know that the “Junior Board and I are formulating ideas on how to advertise our fundraising plan for Prom (stay tuned).” The junior believes she has a calling to “serve as COMP and be a member of student council.”  She says that she has noticed that the videos over the years have changed and that the “quality of the video is better, and the editing has also improved.” Added Barker, “The more comfortable and confident you are with COMP, the more efficient COMP will be.”


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 7.19.12 AM.png

Maya Al-Mansour-Matthews

Sophomore Maya Al-Mansour Matthews described her position as the COMP to be “in charge of documenting all of my class’s memories.”  The areas of interest that she will document include activities, pep rallies, and even everyday life at school.  She stated,“I create videos, slideshows, presentations, and take pictures for the school to use in the yearbook or at events.”  Her goal is to take a picture of every sophomore in the Class of 2020. “I want to represent them in the best way possible, so that we can be remembered for years to come,” she said.

The sophomore is sending out the call to all her classmates to participate with her. “All I ask of my peers is to tell me if they feel they have not been documented very much this year, so that I may be able to help them and make sure that everyone is included,” she noted.

Al-Mansour Matthews is currently in charge of the Sophomore 2020 Instagram account.  “This account is very beneficial because in this day and age with technology becoming extremely popular, it’s a great way to connect with my class. The page consists of reminders, activity and fundraiser information, and important announcements. The account name is sophomore.board_2020 for any Pandas who would like to follow.”  

Finally, this COMP loves the past Walk videos she has seen which she thinks are viable aspects of the school community and mission “to help us connect to one another and learn about the school.”  She also appreciates how the Mary’s Day experience has evolved into “a more musical and vibrant celebration” she said. “This was all documented through pictures and articles, which help us now to look back on and remember this important change in our history.” ​

Because Maya is passionate about the legacy her grade will leave behind at IHHS, she said, “I want my photos, videos, and slideshows of the class of 2020 to be remembered for a very long time.”



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