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Wonder Woman: A Definite Win

By Olivia Fries-Farr ’19

“Wonder Woman” was the highlight of my summer movie experiences. I can without a doubt say that I absolutely loved this film, and I hope that everyone gets the chance to see it.

Gal Gadot at Comic Con 2017


“Wonder Woman” is a major action-packed film that not only starred a strong and inspiring female lead, but it was also a movie whose production positions were mostly held by women. The highly successful film was directed by Patty Jenkins, produced by Deborah Snyder and Rebecca Steel Roven. Senior special effects technician Liz Baron led her team by using brilliant state of the art techniques that help to make the world on screen seem extremely authentic and Wonder Woman a believable hero with super strength. Makeup was done by Christine Blundell, costumes by Lindy Hemming, set decoration by Anna Lynch-Robinson, production design by Aline Bonetto, and casting by Kristy Carlson, Lora Kennedy and Lucinda Syson.  

Patty Jenkins at Comic Con 2017

In the film, Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman is a beautiful and amazing talent who throughout the movie continued to wow the audience with her strength and sentiment. Wonder Woman’s mentor, Antiope, played by Robin Wright, was also a role the illustrated the movie’s emphasis on strong female characters. Plotwise, we are told the origin story of Wonder Woman and her home— an entirely female populated island completely hidden from the outside world. This plays a large part in Wonder Woman’s life as she was raised by an entire community of female warriors who taught her certain values and traits that would go on to later serve her in the movie.

The responses that I have heard from women in my age group about this film are tremendous.  All those viewers that I have encountered who have seen the movie have all felt empowered and strong after watching it. This film is a huge inspiration for women of all ages because it shows that girls can be strong, powerful, smart and beautiful. As someone who loves superhero films, it’s disheartening to always notice that women in the films are either not the main fighting character or they are simply a love interest. For this very reason, I absolutely loved “Wonder Woman” because it breaks the barrier of the typical male superhero and shows that women too can save the day!


Favorite Movie Quotes:

Steve Trevor [to Diana]: I can save today. You can save the world.

Diana Prince: I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves

Diana Prince: I cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost!

Diana Prince: I used to want to save the world.  To end war and bring peace to Mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light.  I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves – something no hero will ever defeat.  I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best.  Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love.  Now I know.  Only love can save this world.  So I stay.  I  fight, and I give… for the world I know can be.  This is my mission, now.  Forever.

Panda Scale: 9 out of 10

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