Christian Service Award 2017

IMG_5752 (4).jpgBy Ashley Conde ’17

Senior Kelly Mayer received the 2017 Archdiocesan Christian Service Award. Mayer, who has completed more than 1,000 service hours, was honored at the Christian Service Awards Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

In the following interview, Mayer shares her experiences, inspiration, and advice:

What kind of community service do you do?

For my community service at IH I did a variety of things but the majority of my hours came from the camp that I used to work with called Monarch Camp at Los Angeles Valley College. It was so much fun working with the kids and all the staff there became like family to me. I also worked on an event called “Best in Drag Show” and it is a mock beauty pageant held every year that raises money for an organization called Alliance for Housing and Healing. Alliance for Housing and Healing provides essential housing and supportive services to people living in poverty with HIV/AIDS. I grew up going to this event every year so I know how important it is to those affected by HIV/AIDS. This year alone we raised $500,000 for Alliance for Housing and Healing and I made amazing friends in the process. (Through this event I even met the florist that we are now using for prom!) I did a lot of other service with my parish (St. Francis de Sales) at annual community events like Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless, JV Basketball Tournament, St. Joseph’s Dinner – Scholarship fundraiser, and their 3 day Festival in May.

How often do you perform community service?

It depends on the time of year because sometimes its everyday after school for two weeks and sometimes it’s once or twice a month.

What inspires you to do community service?

I’m not really sure. Sometimes people need help and honestly why not help them? You never know someday I might need help and hopefully someone will reach out a hand. When you find the right people volunteering your time becomes second nature. Getting to know the people I’m working with and for is probably the best part.

What is your advice for students who want to be more involved in their communities?

My advice would be to find your people. Find what you love and I guarantee there is a way to help someone else with it. ALSO! If you really want to get more involved or just need help finding out how, Ms. Pollia can help you find somewhere that needs your help. I’m sure they would be grateful to have you!

Congratulations to Kelly Mayer for her outstanding achievement!

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