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So You Want to Audition for the Play?

By Olivia Fries-Farr ‘19

Just a few weeks ago, auditions for Romeo and Juliet took place and only a few days later, the play was cast! While this was an exciting process for many of us who have been in some of the plays and the musicals before, there were many who were auditioning for the first time.

For those of you who are interested in auditioning for any of the Genesian plays or musicals or are just plain curious, here is what to expect during audition week:

First off, the play cycle for the Genesians is a musical and a play every year. Given that we put on The Addams Family Musical in the fall, this semester is the play — Romeo and Juliet. In general, the plays usually have anywhere from 20 to 25 cast members.

Initially, Director Heather Chesley will send out a notice that auditions will be coming within a week or two and then urges students to stay tuned for announcements about auditions. When the audition meeting notice is announced, Ms. Chesley sends out information that indicates where and when the meeting will take place. The meeting generally gives everyone the chance to ask questions and Ms. Chesley discusses the play and hands out audition materials.

Even if you are slightly interested or unsure about auditioning, you should still attend! It is better to come and be prepared about the process than to miss out and be confused when you realize you want to join!

Soon thereafter, Ms. Chesley sends out a notice with the audition days and times. And during the auditions, Ms. Chesley pairs up students to read together one of the selected scenes. However, if it is a musical, then each student must sing one of the selected songs and there is usually a second audition day that includes a dance routine.

Once the auditions are over Ms. Chesley sends out a callbacks post for the next day. Callbacks, as Ms. Chesley states in the audition notice and sessions, are an opportunity to see the students in different roles than the previous audition day and to answer any questions that Ms. Chesley may have about a performance or casting choice. But do not worry! If you are not called for callbacks it does not mean that you are not cast in the production!

Finally, within a few days of the auditions Ms. Chesley sends out the Cast list and the play is set.

I hope that this can clear a few things up about how auditions work and I hope to see many new faces at auditions for next years productions!

Cast and Crew

Romeo: Cassidy O’Connell
Juliet: Shea Sprague
Nurse: Emma D’Atri
Friar Lawrence: Savannah Smith
Tybalt: Emily Morejon
Mercutio: Faye Turner
Lady Capulet: Gabriela Karaki
Lord Capulet: Ava Dobbs
Paris: Grace Egbe
Prince: Camille Orozco
Lord Montague: Fiona Riley
Lady Montague: Maia Feuilledieu
Benvolio: Taleen Angoorly
Peter: Chloe Hightower
Balthazar: Lola Jamin
Gregory: Amanda Ritts
Sampson: Evan McClain
Officer: Evan Young
Officer: Justice Kochevar
Friar John: Cindy Rivera
Officer: Canela Roey
Apothocary: Lola Dutcher
Stage Managers: Caroline Alfonso, Maia Tivony & Ally Mollo
Assistant Stage Manager: Malena Logan
Set Designer: Caroline Alfonso
Lighting Designer: Skate Ehling
Technical Director: Skate Ehling
Choreography: Francie Ridenhour & Jayme Suh
Alexa Bayliff
Annie Burns
Sydney Cahill
Megan Cavanaugh
Amanda Chavez
Layla Chessman
Layla Gold
Olivia Hatcher
Aria Hsia
Jillian Lerma
Ava Lohr
Lauren Ng
Anyssa Pederson
Jordan Pomerantz
Morgan Rhodes
Bella Jaeggi-Wong

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