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Good Boba Places in L.A.

By Emma D’Atri ’18

Back in eighth grade, the search for an afternoon hang-out was very important. You couldn’t hang out in the playground because that was for babies, and the lunch tables were boring, and the only cool thing on that block was a post office because you could go look at the poster of the FBI’s Most Wanted. But other than that, boring. But then I found out about a magical place called It’s Boba Time. Since I was a young teen, I was grossed out by the boba and settled on the fruit slushes. It was only until ninth grade when I tried thai tea for the first time, and even then I got it without boba because I was scared. But the first time I got thai tea with boba was a magical experience. Magical, I tell you.

Three years later, junior year. Honestly, Boba Time is what’s getting me through. You can bet that every day after finals I’m going to sit and cry about finals but also enjoy their macaroons & free wi-fi. When I went to the East Coast last summer, my main thing was looking for a good boba place, though over there they call it “bubble tea” because the East Coast is weird (but if you’re ever in Boston, TBaar will treat you right. They got Connect Four!). Boba is a priority wherever you travel. Needless to say, it will be part of my college search when the time comes.

If you have never tried boba, you are missing out. It is both a drink and an activity. You get to stab your straw through the sealed top and feel like a warrior. However, I am big enough to admit that there are downsides: there are so many calories, because it’s basically milk and sugar; once there was a study that found trace amounts of dangerous chemicals in the tapioca pearls; and as one website put it, “a dangerous cocktail filled with harmful chemicals, loads of sugar, caffeine, and calories.” And yet…I’m not going to stop drinking boba. It’s really good, you guys.

And without further ado here’s some boba places:

  • It’s Boba Time – Western and 1st
    • FIVE STARS. This was the one that got me through middle school, high school, and probably the rest of my life. This one has a special place in my heart.
  • It’s Boba Time – Western and 7th
    • 10/10. I don’t know why there are two It’s Boba Time locations on Western and under a mile from each other but there are and I’ve visited both. This one is in the same mall as a DAISO and a movie theatre, so you could make a day of it!
  • Brian’s Shaved Ice & Boba – Sherman Oaks
    • Three thumbs up. This is Shea Sprague’s spot but I have been there twice in my life and it’s quite good. Also, they have shaved ice! Wow.
  • Snow Station – Eagle Rock
    • 100%. Boba isn’t their main thing but they make snow and you can put tapioca pearls on top so I’m counting this one. It’s shaved ice, but even more finely shaved so it’s like real snow. A true miracle in a bowl.
  • Spoon – Beverly & Detroit
    • If you really want to treat yourself: Salted. Caramel. Snow. It is very tasty and even though the portion is huge, you will want to eat it all.

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