Faces of IH: Social Media

By Lauren Berger ’18

How do you feel about social media? Do you have social media? On what platforms? Are you glad that you grew up with it and that generations after you will grow up with it, too? Do you think it is a good thing to have social media as a high schooler or younger? Do you think we are over-exposed?

Junior Sophia Bradstreet:

“I think social media can be a powerful tool because It connects people all around the world. The first social media platform I ever had was Facebook which helped me to stay in touch with friends and family (when I moved from England to America). However, I do know people who have been bullied on social media and that just makes me sad because social media should be a form of empowerment – especially for girls. I sometimes feel that our generation has become too obsessed and dependent on social media, that we are over exposed. I feel like we need more moderation.”


Sophomore Lucinda Gold:

“I feel social media affects some people more than others depending on their level of confidence. I have Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. I’m glad that social media became popular after my grade finished middle school. I feel when you are in high school you’re more ready and responsible to display yourself [than you would be] in elementary or middle school. I think social media at a young age might impact confidence because [younger students would] have more to compare themselves to when really they should just be focusing on developing passions and who they are at that age. I think they’re overexposed.”


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