Faces of IH: Days Off

By Lauren Berger ’18

The Bamboo’s newest section, Faces of IH, is inspired by Humans of New York (HONY) and strives to capture the wonderful faces that make up our vibrant school community. For this section, The Bamboo regularly interviews students from all grade levels and ask them questions about who they are and what they love. Questions can range from super deep to light-hearted and silly. Hopefully with this section Bamboo readers will further understand and appreciate their Panda sisters and even find common ground with them. This week’s Faces of IH features interviews with juniors Katie Choe, Jillian Lerma, Adriana Guardado and Irene Yoon. Enjoy!

Topic: “On a day off, you can find me…” 


“On a day off, you can find me meeting with my friends going cool places.” – Irene Yoon
Jillian .jpg
“On a day off, you can find me at Adriana [Guardado’s] house or hanging out at the library.” – Jillian Lerma
Adreana .jpg
“On a day off, you can find me probably eating some snacks or hanging with Jillian.” – Adriana Guardado
 Katie .jpg
“On a day off, you can probably find me reading a really good book.” – Katie Choe

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