Immaculate Heart WALK 2016

By Marbella Trujillo ’19

Here at Immaculate Heart, there have been lots of changes regarding the school’s annual 10K Walk! This year, organizers dropped the“10K” from the event’s name so it was simply called the Walk. They also changed the post-walk lunch to a “new and improved” meal that was kept under wraps until students returned from their trek throughout the local neighborhood.

The day started with everyone congregating in the quad area. It was 8:45 a.m, and everyone felt the rush of thrill and excitement as they waited for the Walk to officially begin. The runners were the first group to be called, and they received a head start on the route. The remainder of students stayed in the quad until they were dismissed by Ms. Angela Glynn.

With the hot sun in the sky, the first two walking miles were pretty easy. Groups of girls and parents joyfully anticipated their lunches. However, after singing and laughing and traversing the streets of Los Feliz, all became exhausted.

Towards the end of the route, participants could smell the delicious food and hear the sound of music coming from campus. There was elation on many tired faces as students realized, we finally made it!

My friends and I walked towards the long line for lunch, where they were serving a choice of meat and vegetarian tacos, churros, quesadillas, and nachos. After I ate my food, I interviewed seniors about the new lunches. The consensus was that the new-and-improved meal was better than previous years!

In whole, the WALK was a success. It was a great example of school spirit, as students and parents came together to walk and celebrate Immaculate Heart.

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