Meet Social Studies Teacher Jonathan Luyau

By Sofia Yanez

Jonathan Luyau is a new social studies teacher at Immaculate Heart this year. The Bamboo recently interviewed him about his interests as well as his first impressions about the school. Here is what Mr. Luyau shared:

Asked what his favorite part of teaching at IH so far has been, Mr. Luyau said he has enjoyed seeing “how much girls care about their education and each other. They are proud to be women.”

The teacher said he has also experienced since his arrival at IH how caring and collaborative his co-workers are because, he explained, they have helped him in his new role on campus.

Before coming to IH, Mr. Luyau worked at a school in East Los Angeles, where he taught history to sophomores and seniors. At IH, he teaches World Civilizations, Honors World Civilizations, and Economics. Some of his hobbies, he said, are photography and collecting shoes, socks, and ties. With the school year under way, Mr. Luyau said he especially enjoyed Welcome Day. He now looks forward to other IH traditions, including the Mary’s Day celebration and graduation at the Hollywood Bowl.

According to Mr. Luyau, his main goal this year is to help his students get ready for their next class after this year as well as prepare them for life in general. Asked what advice Mr. Luyau would like to offer students, he said simply, “Be yourself, dance like nobody’s watching, and enjoy life!”

The Bamboo joins students in saying how much the school community looks forward to getting to know Mr. Luyau and hopes he has a great first year!

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