Meet Counselor Alessandra Molina

By Marbella Trujillo

Immaculate Heart welcomed several new teachers and staff members this year, including Alessandra Molina, a member of the IHHS Class of 2007 and the 10th grade’s new academic counselor.

Bamboo: How have your first weeks been here at Immaculate Heart?

AM: “My first few weeks have been great. Everyone is so welcoming, especially staff members that knew me as a student. I know that if I ask a staff member a question about something, they’re so helpful.”

Bamboo: What interesting facts about yourself would you like to share?

AM: “I am left-handed and an only child. I was nominated Prom Queen at my senior prom. This summer I traveled to Mexico and Cuba. This past spring, I went on a service trip to Haiti with Loyola Marymount University. My goal is to teach myself how to drive stick shift.”

Bamboo: What is the best memory that you have as an Immaculate Heart student?

AM: “I have many memories here. The sports were awesome. It gave me a chance of bonding and a sense of leadership with teammates in cross-country, swim, and volleyball. In addition, my cross-country coach, Mr. Jeff McClellan, was supportive to all of us on the team. Furthermore, my Economics class with Mr. Mike Edwards was awesome. Last, but not least, there were many enjoyable times with friends. For example, I had gone on this Marine Biology trip to Catalina Island with friends and we ended up getting chased by a wild buffalo!”

Bamboo: Why do you enjoy Immaculate Heart so much?

AM: “I love the school because it gives the students opportunities and ways to develop themselves as young women. It also expands each girl’s capacity of strengthening both academic and extracurricular talents.”



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