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Club Updates: The Scribbler

For the first time at IH, the Scribbler Club is hosting Poetry Out Loud! This is a spoken word competition wherein students memorize and perform a piece written by a famous poet. Those who enter will be judged on memorization, presence, voice articulation and their understanding of the chosen work.

Why should you join? Poetry Out Loud fosters a greater appreciation for the art of poetry, improves public speaking skills and boosts confidence. Another bonus — students who participate in this event will also obtain extra credit points in their English classes (in case you weren’t convinced already).

Here’s how to enter/prepare:

  1. Your poem MUST be selected from the Poetry Out Loud website.
  2. Once selected, sign up for the Scribbler-hosted contest in L6, Dr. Binggeli room.
  3. Master the piece and try to reflect the theme of the poem in your performance. No props or costumes are allowed — just you and your voice.

The first round of the competition will be held by the Scribbler Club on November 15. From there, select students will move up to the school-wide contest on November 28; and whoever wins that round will go on to the Los Angeles County Contest on February 1. This is followed by the California State Contest (March 12-13) and the National Finals in Washington D.C. (April 25-26).

State-level winners will receive $200, an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington D.C. and $500 for their school to purchase poetry books. The first runner-up in each state receives $100 and $200 for their school. Lastly, the Poetry Out Loud National Champion will be awarded $20,000.

You can find additional information about the competition from the Poetry Out Loud website at Have fun and good luck!



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