Memories of the Class of 2016

Members of the Class of 2016 will take with them plenty of fond memories of their years at Immaculate Heart. The Bamboo recently asked the seniors to share their favorite recollections, including ways IH has influenced them. Here are some of the memories they offered:

Sarah Garsten: “The Christmas Faculty-Tree wi3b5a5729-62c2-40a1-89dd-1c83da04e8b5.jpgth teachers Carla Trujillo, Colin.Turcotte, Nicole Dunn, and Heidi Bruder.”

Milla Press: “Being a Genesian and performing in the play, especially my first show Legally Blonde.”

Annelise Pehr: “I walked into this school as a meek little teenager, and I am walking across the stage of the Hollywood Bowl as a strong young woman who is unafraid to speak her mind.”

Elizabeth Cosio: “Mary’s Day is my favorite day in the entire school year. My friends and I make arrangements for a beautiful potluck, we watch Netflix, comedy and animations movies, and we bond best during this time of year. This year, we played board games!”

Olivia Henry: “My favorite memory was from Welcome Day 2014 when the t0f720916-b268-45dd-ad01-f73269f3c788.jpgeachers dressed up as Legos and everyone was amused and/or disturbed.”

Emily Haug: “My favorite memory is Kairos and finding friends that inspire me, lift me, and make me a better person.”

Georgia Teverbaugh: “Immaculate Heart provided me with a tight knit community that I know I’ll always be able to rely on even after I graduate. I’m so grateful to my classmates for shaping me into the person I am.”

Kelly Kaufman: “My favorite memory at IH is having a class-wide senior potluck at the beginning of the year. I felt connected and bonded to my class.”

Vera Drymon: “Welcome Day! IH taught me to be confident in what I believe and to not be intimidated to speak up.”

Meghan Rae Go: “ Immaculate Heart has taught me to always be myself no matter what; people love you for who you are.”

Meghan Fray:  “My friends are some of the best things here, because when we look back at high school, we won’t think of the one grade or bad tes69652b23-58d8-404d-bf60-7a5ee98a8d95.jpgt—but the people around us and what is important.”

Erin Fitzgerald: “IH has taught me how to be myself, even when it is easier to hide.”

Sophia Hawkins: “Feeling like an  mom towards my Kairos group members.”

Meg Diehl: “IH taught me to be proud of who I am and to stand up for what I believe in. P.S. Go on Kairos!”

Alexandra Stella: “I am most grateful for the loving community that has encouraged me, supported me, and cheered me on! Immaculate Heart has pushed me to excel in all aspects of my life. I am truly grateful!”

Catherine Holden: “I’ve always loved Welcome Days! They are always my favorite day to dress up and just have fun with friends!”5bed49be-cfee-4453-8bd3-c70ed960c853.jpg

Arleen Lamba: “ My favorite Immaculate Heart memories were of dancing with my friends, especially moshing during “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. I also loved seeing the seniors sing the Alma Mater after Mary’s Day. Another fun dance party memory was when we danced in the senior court year to “Umbrella” by Rihanna on a rainy Friday.”

Andrea Loyola: “Mary’s Day will always be my most favorite moment of Immaculate Heart. It is a day filled with gratitude and joy because you honor Mary and also cherish the friendship you have thus far.”

Chellsie Menjivar: “When the faculty made a tree and teacher Colin Turcotte was at the top during the Christmas Program.”

Amanda Ramirez: “Dancing on the Quad with my IH sisters after every special event like Welcome Day, the 10K walk, and Mary’s Day.”

Madeline Blacklock: “Having teachers push students to be their best version of themselves and how they make learning fun”

Addison Thomas: “My favorite memory from Immaculate Heart is Mary’s Day last year. Seeing the auditorium beautifully decorated with everyone gathered, smiling and dancing, made me really happy. Loved it.”43f73960-9963-4beb-9fa9-ea47adb49210.jpg

Kaitlyn Guapo: “Biggest impact: faith-based community because it has inspired me to volunteer on my free time to service organizations and to help those in need.”

Jancie Alomoto: “Seeing the teachers do fun things during lunch like Nerf gun wars.”

Aja-Maree Smith: “ Getting over my stage fright at Mary’s Day junior year by singing ‘Almost There.’”

Ju Eun Kang: “My favorite memory is trying to understand everything about robotics even until the moment before entering the game field!”

Liala Sanchez Shapiro: “My favorite memory would have to be Welcome Day my sophomore year. This is because I wasn’t a scared little freshman. I was ready to celebrate with all my friends.”

Ania Lakritz: “ Being in theology teacher Stephanie Wong’s class in sophomore year when she told us to sit on each other to alleviate cramps. Benefits of an all-girls education! Enjoy it!”

Sharmin Shanur: “I loved the sense of community on this campus. Here, I found a community that embraced and loved me. My favorite memory on this campus is Mary’s Day—I love dressing up in flowers and dancing with my friends.”

Grace Wood: “Immaculate Heart instilled a remarkable work ethic within me through its dedicated faculty and challenging classes. Appreciate your time here; it ends in a blink of an eye!”

Erika Baldwin: “My IH friends and teachers here have had the biggest impact on my life. My teachers have me passionate about learning. And my friends are my friends for life. They know me very well and will always have my back.”

Sophie De Vito: “I’ve always loved Mary’s Day and I am so proud to be part of a community that fosters so much love and acceptance.”

Danielle Del Rosario: “It was a privilege and one of the most life-changing experiences to have been a part of the IH cross-country team. From the humbling talks to the support of Coach Fedi to the unbreakable bond our team shares, I have no regrets and couldn’t be more thankful for what this sport has given me.”

Laura D’Esposito: “My education and newfound awareness of how I, as a woman, fit into my community and the world.”b0d530dc-5959-465f-8bbb-282bf1a17ab4.jpg

Juliette Straub: “My favorite memory at IH was this year’s Halloween Carnival. It was such a fun day with all my friends. Its biggest impact on me was the community and love and friendship that taught me the importance of sisterhood.”

Ariana Figueroa: “Freshman year Welcome Day showed me how loving and connected IH is. The students really want everyone to feel like they’re part of the IH family”

Daisy Wiggins King: “My lovely, magnificent classmates have impacted me the most with their wealth of wisdom and rambunctious spirits. I love them all very much!”

Marciela Saunders-Bibbens: “This school has shaped me into the woman that I am today. I could not have done as well as I have done without the supportive teachers, helpful staff, and friends that I have made.”


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