Class Reviews

To aid students who choosing their classes The Bamboo asked students about APs and electives that they recommend taking. Here is what some of them had to say.

Women’s Studies

This class is a really calm and easy course. Workload is not at all daunting and consists mostly of creative projects. However it should be noted that if you do not like creative work like drawing, this class might not be for you. Also, there are a lot of vulnerable conversations regarding your emotions which may cause you to cry. However, I think that this class is worthwhile since its introspective nature allows you to feel more connected not only with yourself but with the world.

-Sharmin Shanur ‘16

Marine Biology

Marine bio is a great class for anyone interested in life or environmental science. This class really helped my understanding of our ecosystem as a whole. The class is of medium difficulty, provided that you keep up with the material introduced in class. The material Mrs. Miller covers in class is consistent with what is on exams. Everything you really need to understand the material is synthesized and explained by Mrs. Miller in class. This class also includes many dissections which help a great deal in visualizing the material. I took this course as a sophomore, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in ocean life and ecosystems.

-Lucinda Gold ‘17

AP Art History

Of all the AP courses at IH, I find that none are more shrouded in myth and mystery than AP Art History. Whenever people ask me about what we do, I find it hard to explain because it is so different from any other class I have ever taken.

Think about the most engaging, challenging, and involved discussion you have ever had about a text in English. Now multiply that intensity by 10 and add languages you don’t understand. That’s art history. There are 250 works you have to know the date, time, medium, and cultural significance of for the AP test, but we look at many more in class. Mr. Grindon expects you to be making insights and connections in class, not just parroting back the reading from the night before. As for nightly homework, there isn’t a set amount every night. It ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and a half a night.


Some people may think that this class is simply looking at pictures because it is a class about art, but I assure you it is so much more.

I would recommend this class to people who enjoy their history reading and relish taking notes. As for artistically inclined people, taking this class may give you a historical background upon which you can improve your artwork. However, you still need to be prepared for the social science aspects of art history.

This review may seem a little negative, but I simply want to give a little perspective. I’ve had sophomores and people who have never taken an AP before ask me about the class. To those people, be wary. That being said, I love art history. It is always the highlight of my odd days.

-Mckenna Hendrickson ‘17


The French classes offered at Immaculate Heart not only immerse you in the language but in the culture and surroundings of France and French territories as well. While learning new vocabulary, you also learn about French politics, both past and present, even touching on the lasting effects of imperialism on French life today. Students get a chance to study countries colonized by France and the lasting effects colonialism has had on each unique culture.

The students in the French program often fall into three categories: native Spanish speakers looking for a challenge, girls tired of taking Spanish as a second language, and girls excited to immerse themselves in the vibrant French culture. Getting the hang of the language is difficult at first, but once you grasp the grammar and vocabulary and begin to understand stories written in French, you really begin to appreciate the beauty of both the language and the culture. The classes themselves are filled with French music, movies, and even celebrities. There is never a dull moment with Madame Fung in French.

-Gracie Smith ‘16

Introduction to Drawing and Painting

Have you ever wondered what it would be like taking an art class? You are probably thinking you would “only” be drawing and painting. On the contrary,this introductory course allows students to engage with a vast variety of mediums. Dr. Lee and Ms.Villanueva both teach this class, but my art teacher this year has been Dr. Lee. She’s an amazing art teacher and teaches you many different techniques for both sketching and painting.

For example, we had to do a watercolor piece that contained a photograph of a landscape of our choosing. We had to include different textures and colors that would give our painting a whimsical, fairytale-like feeling. We do many other projects including pointillism and self-portraits. In addition, if you like to take on challenges, Dr. Lee and Ms. V give ample opportunities for students to excel in the arts. Different contests are constantly being shared with you if are interested in participating in them. If you are passionate about the visual arts, I highly recommend you take this class first before deciding whether to take another art class. Yes, it might be boring at first to learn about the color wheel and what colors mix to make certain colors  but besides being a requirement the class is genuinely very interesting–a good starting point for any budding artist.

-Marbella Trujillo ‘19

World Religions

First, let me be upfront: Mr. Grindon is a challenging teacher. Mr. Grindon definitely does not let students treat World Religions like an easy A. World Religions entails a lot of memorization and studying. However I believe it is all worth it. Everything you learn in the semester contributes to your own personal life and helps you understand more about the world and other cultures and religions. World religions is the only class where I truly felt that I learned about the real world, and how it works. If you enjoy discovering things and exploring different lifestyles, I would highly recommend the class.

Gwendolyn Ozolsremmetter ‘16




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