Turning Sweet Sixteen on Your “Fourth” Birthday


By Ashley Conde ’17

People born on February 29th, also known as Leap Day, are called “leaplings.” And Immaculate Heart’s own leapling, sophomore Jamie Levy, celebrates her 16th birthday today!

Normally, Levy commemorates her birthday on February 28th, but this year she will get to celebrate her birthday on the actual date — her “4th” Leap Year birthday.

Despite the day’s significance, Levy says her birthday celebration will not be too unusual: “When I was younger, my parents would do big elaborate parties, but not anymore. This year I’m not doing anything too special,” she says. “I’m just having some friends over to celebrate. Just being surrounded by the people I love is important to me.”

Having a Leap Day birthday is considered either a bane or a blessing. While Levy celebrates her “real” birthday only every four years, she is able to cherish her special day. She says, “Sometimes I enjoy having my birthday on a Leap Year and sometimes I don’t. It’s annoying because people bother me by saying it’s not my real birthday and comments like that, but otherwise I like it because I feel quite special because the day is such a rare occurrence.”

Having a Leap Day birthday is truly a rare occurrence. The chances of being born on a Leap Day are about 1 in 1,500. About 187,000 people will celebrate their birthday this year on February 29.

Astrologers believe that people born on Leap Day have special talents. One of Levy’s special talents is playing tennis. She is a member of the Immaculate Heart Varsity Tennis Team, which won its first-ever league championship last spring. Her other hobbies include “spending time with friends and family as well as reading when I have time,” she says.

Happy Leap Day and Happy Birthday, Jamie! Immaculate Heart wishes you all the best on your special day.



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