IH Holiday Stories

The Bamboo recently hosted a winter holiday writing workshop for members to share their holiday traditions and favorite family memories as they also enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with scones and cookies. Here posted now on their stories for your reading pleasure. May these stories trigger your own holiday memories as we get ready to celebrate Christmas break. Happy holidays to all!


I remember when I was unwrapping presents early in the morning of one Christmas Day how my dog started scratching and yelping. She was begging for attention, but we were too busy exchanging gifts to give her any. Fed up with our temporary negligence, my dog marched — well, more like pranced — her way over to my Mom, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor, and theHoliday.jpg
dog suddenly 
sat in her lap. My Mom tried to move her off her lap, but the dog wouldn’t budge. This stubborn little terrier mix suddenly became like a lead statue! My brother and I tried to move her, too, but she still wouldn’t leave the warmth of my mother’s lap. Everyone had a good laugh!

By Kathleen Choe ‘18


My favorite Christmas was when my sister was in the hospital. My parents were divorced, but my mother, father, sister, and I all still spent Christmas in the hospital together like we were still a family. We had a small Christmas tree and many presents from extended family. I got unlimited juice even though each portion was small, and the food wasn’t half bad. I also got to sit on the bed that reclined, and the nurses were all so nice! My family was split apart, but we could still spend the joyful X-mas together because that’s what Christmas means.

By Butterfly Oldham ’17


Once upon a Christmas Eve night, my young sister, at the age of 4, slept in her cozy bed at a friend’s house in snow-covered Utah. Late in the night when8cb4995514fe689cd89dbd5082bafdcb.jpg Santa was about, her Christmas subconscious was awakened. In a state of alerted sleep she wandered around the house halls and up the stairs, through the kitchen, and into rooms. Then, upon seeing a bed, she climbed into it, satisfied with her Christmas adventure. But another soul stirred in the bed. He awoke to find a little girl soundly asleep in his bed. So he picked her up and took her back downstairs to bed.

By Alexandra Nichols ’17


The most fond memory I have of Christmas is when my family and I went to San Francisco. Christmas morning started off with us waking up to realize that our car was broken into and the window was missing. It was actually quite strange because the robber only took a jacket even though we had way more valuable things in the car. My family and I laughed it off and we were determined to not let it ruin our Christmas! So the first thing we did on Christmas was go to the auto body repair shop and get the car fixed. Then that day, we visited Silicod7a23d3cefd641c7251b56f472794191.jpgn Valley, went to Google headquarters, and then toured Stanford University, which was really beautiful. That night we went to Union Square in San Francisco and it was so beautiful and it almost looked like New York. Everything was decked out in Christmas decorations and the lights were shining everywhere. I remember seeing so many people in winter coats and everything was just so festive. I will never forget that image and it was amazing. To end the night, I rode a cable car all through San Francisco and I remember hanging out of the car and feeling the wind hit my face! I will never forget it!!!

By Mia Speier ‘18


My family members and I, collectively, are mega fans of the British sitcom, The Office. The series finale of this beloved series takes place at the office’s Christmas rs_560x380-141223104550-1024.the-office-holidays.jpgparty, so for the past few years, my family and I have gathered around the TV on Christmas Day to watch, what we consider, one of the most touching and hilarious episodes of television ever. This small tradition is one of my favorite parts of the holidays because it allows my family to bond over a mutual love for TV and enjoy each other’s company.

By Georgia Teverbaugh ‘16


Every year, on Christmas Eve, my mom and I would go to a church and watch a production of the nativity. After that, we would go home, make dinner, listen to Christmas music while decorating the tree, and read The Night Before Christmas, before going to bed. Christmas Eve was, and is, a great time for me to spend with my mom and celebrate the holiday that we both love.

By Rena McInerney Olk ‘16      


My favorite thing about Christmas is being with my family.  I love talking with family members that I don’t get to see often.  I also love doing Secret Santa.  Secret Santa is a fun activity to do with my family and friends because you can buy them a surprise gift and I also love seeing their reactions to the gifts they get.  Christmas in general is a fun time and it is my favorite holiday.

By Olivia Fries-Farr ‘19


Christmas is a joyous time for everyone. People of all cultures and religions can come together to enjoy the festive winter season. The admirable thing about Christmas is that it is celebrated by many.

By Catherine William ‘16


My family and I always laugh when we recall going to the Sikh one Sunday. At our temple, free food is always served to all temple goers. This does not mean, however, that you should take a bunch of food home! One man asked one of the volunteers working in the kitchen if he could have a box, and this man started pouring food into several plates and boxes as if this was a buffet!

By Arleen Lamba ‘16


The holidays are a time of celebration with family, food, gifts, and memories. For many the best memories are of warm fires and conversation over hot coco, but for my family it means war and total combat to be specific! The key to winning the battle of Christmas Eve is camouflage, protection, and ammunition. First, the gifts are passed out by a designated Santa. Next, the gifts are opened, and bows turn into grenades, tissue paper into ballistic missiles, cardboard boxes into wrap768.jpgbattering rams. Wait, for the shot to be heard around the world. Then fire — and paper and wrapping scraps fly this way and that. No family member is safe, not even grandma. With a mess in the living room, laughter erupts, and then head shots are forgiven and hugs of thanks are shared. This is where the best memories are made because “all’s fair in love and war.”

By Antonia Aguilar Cole ‘16




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