Faces of IH: Happy Places

By Mia Speier ’18

The Bamboo’s newest section, Faces of IH, is inspired by Humans of New York (HONY) and strives to capture the wonderful faces that make up our vibrant school community. For this section, The Bamboo regularly interviews students from all grade levels and ask them questions about who they are and what they love. Hopefully with this section Bamboo readers will further understand and appreciate their Panda sisters and even find common ground with them. This week’s Faces of IH features interviews with sophomores Aurora Parks, Anna Rhee, Isabella Kim and Soobin Moon. Enjoy!

Topic: Where is your favorite place in the world? What would you be doing there that makes you happy?


Aurora Parks


    “My favorite place in the world is Manhattan Beach. I love being there with my friends, swimming and relaxing in the sun. There was one time I stayed at my friend’s grandma’s house and it was blast. Manhattan Beach is the place I can really let go and have fun.”

Anna Rhee


       “Out of all the places in the world, my favorite is New York City. One time, I was coming back from watching Wicked with my mom on Broadway and as I was walking down the streets, I breathed in the air, and really felt that I belonged there. I like NY because there is a lot of diversity. No one is slowing you down, everyone is always rushing to different places, and you feel free.”

Isabella Kim


 “My favorite place in the world is Hawaii because it’s the place my parents took me for one of my birthdays and I got to swim with dolphins. Hawaii is a beautiful place, and it is there I am usually most happy.”

 Soobin Moon


“My favorite place in the world is Australia. Australia is a beautiful place where you can meet new people and try new things. If I were to be in Australia now I would probably be snorkeling with fishes and going on nature hikes. I also really like their accents.”

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