Volleyball Shows Who’s Boss

By Joah Yu ’17

Immaculate Heart Volleyball started its season with a bang after all three school teams defeated Ramona at their first home game last week.

“It was a very productive match for all three levels,” said IH Coach Ruben Haro. “We were able to focus on the small details of the game.”

As students and family members filled the auditorium, Meg Dehil, captain of the varsity team, stated, “It felt good to know that I have such a supportive program behind me.” Several sport teams were also seen filling the stage to show their support.

“In regards to future matches, we will never be satisfied of where we are at, but there are always opportunities to grow,” Coach Ruben explained. “Looking at the season, I think we are in a good position to develop, refine and solidify the important factors of a team.”

With only four remaining home games, IH Volleyball fights on with a record to date as follows: Varsity (4-5); JV (2-3); Frosh (4-1).
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