Senior Memories!

seniors sign polo shirts

The Bamboo recently asked members of the Class of 2015 for their favorite senior memories, as well as the impact of Immaculate Heart on their lives. Here’s just a smattering of their responses, which reflect how much their school has made a difference in their lives. Congratulations, seniors!

Favorite IH Memory:

“Immaculate Heart’s unity is goose-bump worthy! I will always remember our voices during liturgies. Such amazing moments to cherish.” – Ruby Hersh

“The first day of school freshman year: I was, understandably, nervous. I convinced a group of 15 or so girls that the class they had just walked into was Spanish, when it was ACTUALLY Theology. Long story short: I made 15 of my new classmates question their lives and get lost on the first day of school.” – Kathryn Teaney

“Singing the alma mater with alumnae surrounding me and fellow IH students during the alumnae reunion.” – Ynez Rodriguez

“Getting an A on an essay in Mr. van der Woude’s class. Hard work pays off, Pandas!” – Sahra Sajasi

“Mosh-pitting to Kelly Clarkson’s Sing You’ve Been Gone because it really highlights and captures our sisterhood in less than five minutes.” – Laura Bautista

“Sophomore Welcome Day when we were the Trucker Tenth Graders!” – Rachel Rivas

“Freshman year I gave a blessing to the food for Welcome Day for three tables of seniors – best thing ever. But greater than that was meeting my three best friends!” – Lindsey Urrutia

“Kairos. It was such an emotional, yet amazing experience I will always cherish and never forget.” – Charmaine Vega

“During Welcome Day when all of us seniors stood up and went toward the freshmen, all singing in harmony in a circle.” – Julie Hidalgo

“Being cheered by my friends and peers at the Pep Rally my sophomore year when I was on the JV basketball team.” – Morgan Wallace

Immaculate Heart’s Biggest Impact

“Immaculate Heart has taught me the value of the individual, that confidence is key, that volunteering will enrich your life experience, and that public speaking won’t kill you – even though you feel as if your heart will rip out of your chest.” – Lian Honkoski

“When Mr. Grindon made me realize that there is more to life than math and science.” – Madeleine Miller

“IH gave me a mind that can wander and a heart that knows home.” – Claire Danna

“Immaculate Heart taught me to embrace my individuality, think critically, and question my role in society. Through the love and support of IH, I am confident in my ability to initiate social change and promote justice.” – Isabella Rios

“The teachers and their constant support of me.” – Aeri Gomez

“My junior year teachers: I loved British Literature with Ms. Ellis, and U.S. History with Mr. Roberts definitely had the greatest impact on my high school experience.” – Emmelina Najera

“Ms. Villanueva has been the person that has allowed me to see what I want to do in my life.” – Celeste Drake

“Because of Immaculate Heart, I’m able to have intelligent conversations even outside the classroom!” – Emma Weeks

“IH has inspired me to be comfortable with myself and be more understanding of others.” – Celynne Hebron

“IH’s biggest impact on me is the constant acceptance and sisterhood felt every day on campus.” – Madison Keogh

“IH gives everyone great confidence and independence to be themselves and try their hardest.” – Sofia Zabala


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