IH Tradition Celebrates All Women

By McKenna Hendrickson ’17 & Sharmin Shanur ’16

Front Page art work by Oona Holahan


   On a sunny first day of May, Immaculate Heart students celebrated Mary’s Day, the most anticipated event of the year, by honoring all women, especially the school’s patroness, through the theme Mary, Called and Chosen.

   Banners in the auditorium and on the quad paid tribute to the day’s theme through a display of inspiring words by and images of women of great heart and right conscience – from Mother Teresa and Sister Corita Kent to aviator Amelia Earhart and politician Hillary Rodham Clinton to Immaculate Heart Principal Virginia Hurst, IHM, and President Julie McCormick.

   “All of these women provide wonderful examples of what young girls can strive to be,” said sophomore Eve Meldrum, “Seeing them made me feel powerful, like I could be president or the CEO of a company!”


   During the Mary’s Day liturgy, Father Francis Mendoza reminded students of the values instilled in them by Immaculate Heart. He encouraged each girl to use her talents and skills “to renew the world.” Senior Celynne Hebron said she took the priest’s words to heart. “His homily was my favorite part of Mass,” she said. “I felt as if I was being called and chosen directly by the Father.”

????????????????????????????????????  Students, joined by faculty and administrators, later formed a procession to the quad, where they sang “Immaculate Mary” as ASB President Kathryn Teaney crowned the statute of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Then, for the first time in many years, the crowd watched as students grabbed ribbons and danced around a maypole.


“I thought the maypole was really beautiful!” exclaimed senior Ynez Rodriguez. “My aunt who attended Immaculate Heart College had asked if our Mary’s Day would have a maypole, so I was really happy the maypole came back.”


Students also celebrated the event known as the Great Lawn Dance to the lively music of Dan Sakuduro. Later, the Genesians’ presentation featured stellar performers, including senior Claire Danna, who urged students to follow their passions and not be clouded by the words of society, and junior AjaMaree Smith, who overcame her own stage fright to sing Almost There.

   Lightening the mood of the audience was the ASB video featuring the reactions of children as they were asked, “What does it mean to be chosen?” As the youngsters responded, every Immaculate Heart girl could not help but laugh as she was reminded of how simple and beautiful the world could be if only people were as innocent as children.

   After the day’s formal events, the festivities continued on the quad, where students sat down to potluck feasts and then stood up and danced their hearts out – which is the traditional way Mary’s Day always ends!

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