Helping Children Get on the Bus

By Sarah Jett ’15 & Rachel Rivas ’15

What does every girl love, no matter what? The answer is usually clothes and fashion – which explains the recent success of Immaculate Heart’s Spring Thrift Boutique.  But IH students also love a worthy cause, and the boutique raised much-needed funds for Get on the Bus, the organization that reunites children with incarcerated parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Senior Olivia Trachtenberg spearheaded the idea of a thrift boutique as a fundraiser for Get on The Bus, and, with the help of the IH Community Service Team, she encouraged students, faculty and staff to donate gently used clothes and accessories. “The clothing drive went really well,” said CST member Victoria Assad. “We collected a great amount of clothes!”

In fact, more than 135 pieces of clothing were collected for the lunchtime boutique and then sold at discounted prices. According to CST moderator Maria Pollia, the boutique raised more than $350. Together with a generous parent contribution of $250, Immaculate Heart was able to contribute $600 to Get on the Bus. That amount, noted Ms. Pollia, was enough for IH to sponsor a bus for the Get on the Bus event and also to have the school listed among sponsor names on the event’s t-shirts. 

“It was wonderful to have such support from Immaculate Heart students,” she said.



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