Why Take AP English Language and Composition?

By  Sharmin Shanur ’16

      For many sophomores the prospect of attending a college-level English class is quite daunting. Rumor has it that the class has too much homework, too many books to read, and an extremely demanding teacher. These rumors I heard as a sophomore, however, were only meant to scare students, and now, as a current AP Lang student, I realize they have little to do with the junior English course. In reality, AP English Language and Composition is an amazing course, with an equally amazing teacher, who is willing to assist you with troubles or concerns.

     Aside from having a remarkable teacher, this class is extremely interesting. It focuses on every aspect of rhetoric and its usage in various texts. The books and essays read in the class are quite eclectic: You will explore the whole gamut of human emotion as well as read texts on topics as diverse as globalization, race relations, and daylight savings. Also, you will be introduced to authors from all walks of life, such as Pico Iyer, Richard Rodriguez and George Orwell.

     In terms of the workload, this class is not overwhelming, but it will require a lot of reading and proper time management skills. There are a few take-home essays throughout the year, but in most cases you will write timed essays in preparation for the AP exam. Overall, this course requires a genuine passion for learning because, without it, you will not be able to appreciate the knowledge AP English Language and Composition has to offer. The skills learned in class not only have scholastic applications, but they also improve your communication skills – an asset in the real world.



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