A Ringing Tradition

By Katrina Webb ’16

Members of Immaculate Heart’s Class of 2016 were recently recognized as official upperclass women during the annual Ring Ceremony.

cropped julie hands ring

The highlight of the event was the ring presentation when juniors received either a black and gold or a blue and silver ring featuring the IH emblem.

trio show off rings

What initially appeared to be a decrease in rings purchased for the ceremony actually reflected last-minute ring-shopping on the part of some students, who did not receive their bands in time for the event. And even though the price of the rings continues to increase, with the cheapest option now starting at $325, support for the tradition still runs high.

For example, junior Ania Lakritz said she bought the ring “because I wanted to participate in such a beautiful tradition and use it as a connection to my current IH sisters and all of the ones before and after me.”

seniors and class moderator rejoice with juniors
Seniors and class moderator rejoice with juniors


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