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The Theory of Everything (2014)

By Mckenna Henrickson ’17

(Circle Cinema)

Director: James Marsh

Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Emily Watson, David Thewlis, Charlie Cox


Synopsis: The Theory of Everything follows the life of the world-famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Instead of focusing on Hawking’s scientific achievements, the movie takes a much more intimate approach by examining Hawking’s life through his relationship with his first wife, Jane Hawking (née Wilde). The story begins with the two meeting at a party at Cambridge University, and it continues through Hawking’s battle with ALS, the birth of their three children, and the publishing of his well-known book A Brief History of Time.


Review:  I absolutely loved this movie! From Eddie Redmayne’s impressive transformation into the ALS stricken Hawking to the gorgeous capturing of 1950s Cambridge University, it was absolutely amazing.


The highlight of the movie was Felicity Jones’ portrayal of the overworked yet extremely driven Jane Hawking. Jones did an amazing job of expressing the stress of caring for a disabled husband and three young children, but also the determination it requires to care for a large family. By the end of the movie, Jones evolved into being a very complex and moving character. I could not take my eyes off her while she was onscreen!


There are some absolutely cringe-worthy computer graphics and flashback moments in the film, but they are made up for by the outstanding performances by the two lead actors.


The Theory of Everything is a highly poignant and inspiring representation of one of the world’s greatest living minds. I definitely recommend seeing it!

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