Spooky Short Stories!

During Immaculate Heart’s Halloween Carnival, The Bamboo invited students to write a short story or create a caption for the following images in exchange for chocolate.

 Spooky Short Stories

“The green balls contemplated the demise of the humans. They would just have to bide their time just a few more years and they would invade.” Madelyn Vera ’15 “I had a dream that I received a 100 percent on an essay. My teacher accused me of plagiarism.” Christina Hughes ’15 “I once had a dream where a squid was attacking my entire island and I hid in a closet after the squid slaughtered everyone. The squid eye popped through the crack in the closet and he said “I see you” — and I woke up.” Elle Quesada ’15 “Just ignore the giggling and RUN!” Jamie Baeg ’16 “All the colors have faded. When did we become so jaded?” Jamie Baeg ’16

Clever Captions

Picture hosted by Cypher Avenue
Picture hosted by CypherAvenue.com

“Single and ready to mingle.” McKenna Hendrickson ’17

“I’ll eat your soul, girl.” Laurie Bautista ‘17

Picture hosted by 4US2BE.com
Picture hosted by 4US2BE.com

“Paul, the despondent clown

Masks and loopy backlighting

Escaping the pull of a black hole” Dr. Elizabeth Binggeli

“Hurry up and take the picture already.” Ms. Laura Diaz

“Someone blew out his birthday candles.” Allison Ramierez ’16

Picture hosted by metafelicidad.com
Picture hosted by metafelicidad.com

“Doctors speculate that this is the new pollo. Protect your children as the ‘homework virus’ plagues schools.” Allise Matsuno ’15

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