IH Warmly Welcomes All

By Sharmin Shanur ‘16

With students successfully orchestrating a day filled with dances, skits, humor, and, most importantly, love for the newcomers on campus, specifically, the freshmen, Immaculate Heart kicked off the school year with its annual tradition known as Welcome Day.

ASB President Kathryn Teaney offered her own warm welcome to launch the day’s events by exclaiming: “Class of 2018 Freshman! Today is one of the best days for you on this campus, because all that happens today is people sing, dance, and look [funny] in your honor.”

“You are coming to an amazing school,” Teaney continued. “A school where Kelly Clarkson thrives, where we will all mourn your loss of lunch to squirrels as a collective group, where we will battle it out for spirit points, even though we know that they have no actual, real significance. This year is going to be fun, but a little tough. Getting acclimated to a new school, new writing styles and rules, new friends, new boys, new sports and activities, and a more rigorous education. When we met you guys on Orientation day, we knew you could do it! You are all bright, funny, and talented young ladies and you are going to kill it here at Immaculate Heart. But if you ever get lost or need a friend, every single girl in the sophomore, junior, and senior class is there for you.”

Demonstrating their show of support for the freshman class and school unity, the sophomores, juniors and seniors shared their creative talents through songs, skits, costumes and posters. The Tropical Tenth Graders offered Hawaiian dance as they transported the assembly to the “Island of Immaculate Heart.” The Joan Jett Juniors, meanwhile, showed a rebellious side through rock ‘n roll and the persona of rocker Joan Jett. The seniors unified their class, this year, by calling themselves the United States Seniors. Their humorous retelling of history culminated with a version of the Miley Cyrus song “Party in the USA.”

Immaculate Heart Tropical Tenth Graders
Tropical Tenth Graders singing their class song
joan jett junior poster
Joan Jett Junior Poster







candid seniors2
United Seniors of America

This year’s freshman class was not to be outperformed.  Their theme was based on the Disney blockbuster film Frozen. Many members of the Class of 2018 dressed up as the film’s characters, including Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Olaf. Together they sang their versions of the movie’s songs “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and “ Let it Go.”

frozen freshmen poster
Frozen Freshmen Poster
freshmen skit (1)
Freshmen Dance








Even some of the faculty joined in on Welcome Day with their very original Lego themed skit and dance, which was throughly enjoyable for all who watched.

emmet and wyldstyle
Emmet and Wyldstyle
faculty lego conga line
Faculty lego conga line












All in all, the students and faculty poured out their hearts and showed “Panda Spirit” for a unified and cohesive Welcome Day—a day like no other that officially marked the start of the school year.



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