Making the Transition to High School: Friendly Advice to the Freshman Class

By Katrina Webb ’16

I came to Immaculate Heart as a freshman with five other girls from my middle school. While these familiar faces helped to ease my transition to high school, it was still a tough adjustment. For those ninth graders who have taken the plunge and have arrived at IH without knowing anyone, rest assured: You are in for a soft landing! Immaculate Heart is a welcoming community ready to make you feel at home. Fellow students are also quick to offer their support, so The Bamboo asked several members of the senior class to share one piece of advice to this year’s freshmen class. Here are their responses:

GAA President Kathleen Rodick says, “Don’t forget to stay organized and try not to procrastinate because it will make your life much easier. Also if you ever need help in a class go talk to your teacher.” Many freshmen spend their first few months of high school scrambling to create a new system to keep track of everything. Planners, calendars and the like are going to be your best friends. Use them.

Bean Miller, president of the Math and Science Club, advises members of the Class of 2018 to “Talk to everyone! You’re going to be spending a lot of time with these people so make sure you can maximize your fun for the next few years.” Choose your friends wisely and make sure you do not limit yourself. There are many different people in your class who can give you many different perspectives on the world. Smile and make new friends!

Similarly, Senior Class President Erin Hubbard encourages freshmen not to be scared to talk to the upperclassmen, noting, “We’ve been where you are and can help you! Despite all of the rumors, we do not bite.” While they may seem intimidating, the upperclassmen really are only a few years older than you. When you think about it in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not all that much of a difference. While the upperclassmen may have more high school experience, that doesn’t make us scary, says Hubbard. We have a wealth of information for the underclassmen to explore, but only if the underclassmen aren’t afraid of us.

Finally, ASB President Kathryn Teaney suggests, “Try all sorts of new things. If they fail: who cares? You now know that juggling isn’t your thing! If they succeed: you’ll find a part of you that you never knew existed before.” High school is a time of exploration. You’re here to learn not only about MLA format, but to discover the essence of who you truly are. Everything else is merely a catalyst to speed up the process.

So, freshmen get in your seats and buckle up because it’s going to be a fast four years.

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