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Music Festivals: 2014

By Ynez Rodriguez ’15

 Although students at Immaculate Heart are involved in many extracurriculars, seniors Allison Huang and Emily Rios took some time to relax and enjoy the amazing artists performing at this years Governor’s Ball and FYF.

 Governor’s Ball

Randall Island, NY

Governor’s Ball, NYC 2014 (Photo creds: Mike DelaPaz)

Ynez Rodriguez: Which performers did you see?

Allison Huang: Drowners, the 1975, Bastille, Disclosure, the Strokes, Phoenix, Outkast, J. Cole, Foster the People, and Vampire Weekend.

YR: Did you have a favorite performance?

AH: I really liked Phoenix and Vampire Weekend. Phoenix was really cool because Thomas Mars, the lead singer, crowd surfed. And I really liked Vampire Weekend because I was so close and I love Ezra [the bands lead singer]. It was amazing!

 YR: Is there anything you’d recommend people take or be prepared for if they go to the Governor’s Ball?

AH: They should definitely take sun block because it’s extremely hot and sunny. They should also probably bring like a game or something because if you want to be super close you have to get there  early and while you’re waiting for the concert to start it can get pretty boring. When I would wait, I would play Uno or heads up. This also allows you meet new people. Also, write down your friends’ numbers on your hand or a paper because you never know when you could lose your friends and your phone or run out of battery and have to borrow a strangers phone…. So yeah.

 YR: Any last advice/comments about the Governor’s Ball?

AH: It’s a great city mixed with great music. Don’t get bummed out if you miss some of the performers you planned to see because things happen. Just go with the flow. It’s literally one of the best experiences in the world, apart from the porta potties.

Mark Foster Gov Ball 2014
Mark Foster of Foster the People at Governor’s Ball 2014 (Photo creds: Mike DelaPaz)
Ezra Koenig Gov Ball 2014
Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend at Governor’s Ball 2014 (Photo creds: Mike DelaPaz)












F Yeah Festival

LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park

FYF Fest, LA, 2014 (Photo creds: Emily Rios)

Ynez Rodriguez: Which performers did you see?

Emily Rios: Phoenix, Future Islands, Flying Lotus, Slowdive, Slint, Real Estate, Mac DeMarco, Run the Jewels, Deafheaven, Ty Segall, Kelela, Ryan Hemsworth, XXYYXX and we tried to see Caribou.

 YR: How long was FYF?

ER: 2 days. We were there day 1: 2:30 to midnight and that day we were stuck in line for 45 minutes trying to get in. The second day we got there at 3:30 and it was so much smoother we walked in with a small line at security check and that was it.

 YR: Did you have a favorite performance?

ER: This is a tough question. I was most excited to see Future Islands because they were the band I knew the best, but on the second day the second to last performer we saw was Flying Lotus and he was just fantastic. He was a dj who rapped into his set. The music was just really moving, everyone around us was dancing in a really abstract way, and visually he was crazy cool.

 YR: So you’d definitely recommend people listen to Flying Lotus?

ER: Definitely! I’m actually going to go see him in concert again so I’m very excited.

 YR: Is there anything you’d recommend people take or be prepared for if they go to FYF?

ER: I wish I had taken sunscreen and sunglasses, and maybe had worn a different pair of shoes. I had a blister by the end of day one. Of course extra cash because there is great food everywhere with all the food trucks and smoothie stands. They are some places you should definitely try while you’re there.

 YR: Any last advice/comments about FYF?

ER: Check the line up before you buy your tickets you know? Don’t just go because it’s FYF, go because there is someone you’re interested in, and then go with people you enjoy hanging around with. I went with people I could be myself around, and especially if you’re going to be spending two days with them it makes the experience 10 times better.

Sunset at FYF Fest, 2014 (Photo Creds: Emily Rios)

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