“All are Welcome” in IH’s First Liturgy of the School Year

By Katrina Webb ’16

IH students with Bishop Sylvester Ryan
IH students with Bishop Sylvester Ryan

On Thursday, August 28, the faculty, students, and staff of Immaculate Heart experienced their first Immaculate Heart liturgy of the 2014-2015 school year.Including many hymns previously used over the years, the liturgy introduced new students and teachers to the religious aspect of the Immaculate Heart High School community. Through song and gospel, members of the Community Leadership Team lead the faculty, staff, and student body of Immaculate heart in celebration of the beginning of a new year. While newer students may have felt a bit lost amidst the various rituals and the weathered members of Immaculate Heart, such as the juniors and seniors, wholeheartedly sang the familiar hymns and responses. This enthusiasm expressed especially by the senior class is a perfect example of the love that those who remain at Immaculate Heart all four years have for this place. The presider of the liturgy was the beloved Bishop Sylvester Ryan who had presided over Immaculate Heart several times before. The cantors were choir director Stephen Van Dorn, junior Anne Bonino-Britsch, and theology teacher Al Grindon. They lead the student body in familiar hymns such as “All are Welcome” and “In this Place.” All in all, this is a great beginning for the Campus Ministry Leadership Team of 2015.

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